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1  ChangeLog for PCRE  ChangeLog for PCRE
2  ------------------  ------------------
4    Version 6.4 05-Sep-05
5    ---------------------
7     1. Change 6.0/10/(l) to pcregrep introduced a bug that caused separator lines
8        "--" to be printed when multiple files were scanned, even when none of the
9        -A, -B, or -C options were used. This is not compatible with Gnu grep, so I
10        consider it to be a bug, and have restored the previous behaviour.
12     2. A couple of code tidies to get rid of compiler warnings.
14     3. The pcretest program used to cheat by referring to symbols in the library
15        whose names begin with _pcre_. These are internal symbols that are not
16        really supposed to be visible externally, and in some environments it is
17        possible to suppress them. The cheating is now confined to including
18        certain files from the library's source, which is a bit cleaner.
20     4. Renamed pcre.in as pcre.h.in to go with pcrecpp.h.in; it also makes the
21        file's purpose clearer.
23     5. Reorganized pcre_ucp_findchar().
26    Version 6.3 15-Aug-05
27    ---------------------
29     1. The file libpcre.pc.in did not have general read permission in the tarball.
31     2. There were some problems when building without C++ support:
33        (a) If C++ support was not built, "make install" and "make test" still
34            tried to test it.
36        (b) There were problems when the value of CXX was explicitly set. Some
37            changes have been made to try to fix these, and ...
39        (c) --disable-cpp can now be used to explicitly disable C++ support.
41        (d) The use of @CPP_OBJ@ directly caused a blank line preceded by a
42            backslash in a target when C++ was disabled. This confuses some
43            versions of "make", apparently. Using an intermediate variable solves
44            this. (Same for CPP_LOBJ.)
46     3. $(LINK_FOR_BUILD) now includes $(CFLAGS_FOR_BUILD) and $(LINK)
47        (non-Windows) now includes $(CFLAGS) because these flags are sometimes
48        necessary on certain architectures.
50     4. Added a setting of -export-symbols-regex to the link command to remove
51        those symbols that are exported in the C sense, but actually are local
52        within the library, and not documented. Their names all begin with
53        "_pcre_". This is not a perfect job, because (a) we have to except some
54        symbols that pcretest ("illegally") uses, and (b) the facility isn't always
55        available (and never for static libraries). I have made a note to try to
56        find a way round (a) in the future.
59  Version 6.2 01-Aug-05  Version 6.2 01-Aug-05
60  ---------------------  ---------------------

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