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revision 182 by ph10, Wed Jun 13 15:09:54 2007 UTC revision 289 by ph10, Sun Dec 23 12:17:20 2007 UTC
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1  News about PCRE releases  News about PCRE releases
2  ------------------------  ------------------------
4    Release 7.5 23-Dec-07
5    ---------------------
7    This is mainly a bug-fix release. However the ability to link pcregrep with
8    libz or libbz2 and the ability to link pcretest with libreadline have been
9    added. Also the --line-offsets and --file-offsets options were added to
10    pcregrep.
13    Release 7.4 21-Sep-07
14    ---------------------
16    The only change of specification is the addition of options to control whether
17    \R matches any Unicode line ending (the default) or just CR, LF, and CRLF.
18    Otherwise, the changes are bug fixes and a refactoring to reduce the number of
19    relocations needed in a shared library. There have also been some documentation
20    updates, in particular, some more information about using CMake to build PCRE
21    has been added to the NON-UNIX-USE file.
24    Release 7.3 28-Aug-07
25    ---------------------
27    Most changes are bug fixes. Some that are not:
29    1. There is some support for Perl 5.10's experimental "backtracking control
30       verbs" such as (*PRUNE).
32    2. UTF-8 checking is now as per RFC 3629 instead of RFC 2279; this is more
33       restrictive in the strings it accepts.
35    3. Checking for potential integer overflow has been made more dynamic, and as a
36       consequence there is no longer a hard limit on the size of a subpattern that
37       has a limited repeat count.
39    4. When CRLF is a valid line-ending sequence, pcre_exec() and pcre_dfa_exec()
40       no longer advance by two characters instead of one when an unanchored match
41       fails at CRLF if there are explicit CR or LF matches within the pattern.
42       This gets rid of some anomalous effects that previously occurred.
44    5. Some PCRE-specific settings for varying the newline options at the start of
45       a pattern have been added.
48  Release 7.2 13-Jun-07  Release 7.2 19-Jun-07
49  ---------------------  ---------------------
51  WARNING: saved patterns that were compiled by earlier versions of PCRE must be  WARNING: saved patterns that were compiled by earlier versions of PCRE must be

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