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revision 77 by nigel, Sat Feb 24 21:40:45 2007 UTC revision 111 by ph10, Thu Mar 8 16:53:09 2007 UTC
# Line 51  The HTML documentation for PCRE comprise Line 51  The HTML documentation for PCRE comprise
51  <tr><td><a href="pcresample.html">pcresample</a></td>  <tr><td><a href="pcresample.html">pcresample</a></td>
52      <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;Description of the sample program</td></tr>      <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;Description of the sample program</td></tr>
54    <tr><td><a href="pcrestack.html">pcrestack</a></td>
55        <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;Discussion of PCRE's stack usage</td></tr>
57  <tr><td><a href="pcretest.html">pcretest</a></td>  <tr><td><a href="pcretest.html">pcretest</a></td>
58      <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;The <b>pcretest</b> command for testing PCRE</td></tr>      <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;The <b>pcretest</b> command for testing PCRE</td></tr>
59  </table>  </table>
# Line 112  in the library: Line 115  in the library:
115  <tr><td><a href="pcre_maketables.html">pcre_maketables</a></td>  <tr><td><a href="pcre_maketables.html">pcre_maketables</a></td>
116      <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;Build character tables in current locale</td></tr>      <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;Build character tables in current locale</td></tr>
118    <tr><td><a href="pcre_refcount.html">pcre_refcount</a></td>
119        <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;Maintain reference count in compiled pattern</td></tr>
121  <tr><td><a href="pcre_study.html">pcre_study</a></td>  <tr><td><a href="pcre_study.html">pcre_study</a></td>
122      <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;Study a compiled pattern</td></tr>      <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;Study a compiled pattern</td></tr>

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