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revision 813 by ph10, Mon Dec 19 13:34:10 2011 UTC revision 814 by ph10, Wed Dec 21 12:05:24 2011 UTC
# Line 1  Line 1 
1  /-- This set of tests is for UTF-8 support, and is relevant only to the 8-bit  /-- This set of tests is for the 16-bit library's basic (non-UTF-16) features
2      library. --/      that are not compatible with the 8-bit library. --/
4  /a\Cb/  /a\Cb/
5      aXb      aXb
6      a\nb      a\nb
8  /a\Cb/8  /-- Check maximum non-UTF character size --/
     ** Failers  
 /-- This one is here not because it's different to Perl, but because the way  
 the captured single-byte is displayed. (In Perl it becomes a character, and you  
 can't tell the difference.) --/  
 /-- This one is here because Perl gives out a grumbly error message (quite  
 correctly, but that messes up comparisons). --/  
     *** Failers  
     *** Failers  
10  /(\x{100}+|x)/8SDZ  /\x{ffff}/
11        A\x{ffff}B
13  /(\x{100}*a|x)/8SDZ  /\x{10000}/
15  /[^\x{c4}]/DZ  /[^\x{c4}]/DZ
     *** Failers  
 /-- This tests the stricter UTF-8 check according to RFC 3629. --/  
 /\S \S/I8ST1  
     \x{a2} \x{84}  
     A Z  
17  /-- End of testinput17 --/  /-- End of testinput17 --/

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