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1  ChangeLog for PCRE  ChangeLog for PCRE
2  ------------------  ------------------
4    Version 3.5 15-Aug-01
5    ---------------------
7    1. Added some missing #if !defined NOPOSIX conditionals in pcretest.c that
8    had been forgotten.
10    2. By using declared but undefined structures, we can avoid using "void"
11    definitions in pcre.h while keeping the internal definitions of the structures
12    private.
14    3. The distribution is now built using autoconf 2.50 and libtool 1.4. From a
15    user point of view, this means that both static and shared libraries are built
16    by default, but this can be individually controlled. More of the work of
17    handling this static/shared cases is now inside libtool instead of PCRE's make
18    file.
20    4. The pcretest utility is now installed along with pcregrep because it is
21    useful for users (to test regexs) and by doing this, it automatically gets
22    relinked by libtool. The documentation has been turned into a man page, so
23    there are now .1, .txt, and .html versions in /doc.
25    5. Upgrades to pcregrep:
26       (i)   Added long-form option names like gnu grep.
27       (ii)  Added --help to list all options with an explanatory phrase.
28       (iii) Added -r, --recursive to recurse into sub-directories.
29       (iv)  Added -f, --file to read patterns from a file.
31    6. pcre_exec() was referring to its "code" argument before testing that
32    argument for NULL (and giving an error if it was NULL).
34    7. Upgraded Makefile.in to allow for compiling in a different directory from
35    the source directory.
37    8. Tiny buglet in pcretest: when pcre_fullinfo() was called to retrieve the
38    options bits, the pointer it was passed was to an int instead of to an unsigned
39    long int. This mattered only on 64-bit systems.
41    9. Fixed typo (3.4/1) in pcre.h again. Sigh. I had changed pcre.h (which is
42    generated) instead of pcre.in, which it its source. Also made the same change
43    in several of the .c files.
45    10. A new release of gcc defines printf() as a macro, which broke pcretest
46    because it had an ifdef in the middle of a string argument for printf(). Fixed
47    by using separate calls to printf().
49    11. Added --enable-newline-is-cr and --enable-newline-is-lf to the configure
50    script, to force use of CR or LF instead of \n in the source. On non-Unix
51    systems, the value can be set in config.h.
53    12. The limit of 200 on non-capturing parentheses is a _nesting_ limit, not an
54    absolute limit. Changed the text of the error message to make this clear, and
55    likewise updated the man page.
57    13. The limit of 99 on the number of capturing subpatterns has been removed.
58    The new limit is 65535, which I hope will not be a "real" limit.
61    Version 3.4 22-Aug-00
62    ---------------------
64    1. Fixed typo in pcre.h: unsigned const char * changed to const unsigned char *.
66    2. Diagnose condition (?(0) as an error instead of crashing on matching.
69    Version 3.3 01-Aug-00
70    ---------------------
72    1. If an octal character was given, but the value was greater than \377, it
73    was not getting masked to the least significant bits, as documented. This could
74    lead to crashes in some systems.
76    2. Perl 5.6 (if not earlier versions) accepts classes like [a-\d] and treats
77    the hyphen as a literal. PCRE used to give an error; it now behaves like Perl.
79    3. Added the functions pcre_free_substring() and pcre_free_substring_list().
80    These just pass their arguments on to (pcre_free)(), but they are provided
81    because some uses of PCRE bind it to non-C systems that can call its functions,
82    but cannot call free() or pcre_free() directly.
84    4. Add "make test" as a synonym for "make check". Corrected some comments in
85    the Makefile.
87    5. Add $(DESTDIR)/ in front of all the paths in the "install" target in the
88    Makefile.
90    6. Changed the name of pgrep to pcregrep, because Solaris has introduced a
91    command called pgrep for grepping around the active processes.
93    7. Added the beginnings of support for UTF-8 character strings.
95    8. Arranged for the Makefile to pass over the settings of CC, CFLAGS, and
96    RANLIB to ./ltconfig so that they are used by libtool. I think these are all
97    the relevant ones. (AR is not passed because ./ltconfig does its own figuring
98    out for the ar command.)
101  Version 3.2 12-May-00  Version 3.2 12-May-00
102  ---------------------  ---------------------

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