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1  News about PCRE releases  News about PCRE releases
2  ------------------------  ------------------------
5    Release 7.1 12-Mar-07
6    ---------------------
8    There are no new features in this release. A few bugs are fixed (see ChangeLog
9    for details), but the major change is a complete re-implementation of the build
10    system. This now has full Autotools support and so is now "standard" in some
11    sense. It should help with compiling PCRE in a wide variety of environments.
14    Release 7.0 19-Dec-06
15    ---------------------
17    This release has a new major number because there have been some internal
18    upheavals to facilitate the addition of new optimizations and other facilities,
19    and to make subsequent maintenance and extension easier. Compilation is likely
20    to be a bit slower, but there should be no major effect on runtime performance.
21    Previously compiled patterns are NOT upwards compatible with this release. If
22    you have saved compiled patterns from a previous release, you will have to
23    re-compile them. Important changes that are visible to users are:
25    1. The Unicode property tables have been updated to Unicode 5.0.0, which adds
26       some more scripts.
28    2. The option PCRE_NEWLINE_ANY causes PCRE to recognize any Unicode newline
29       sequence as a newline.
31    3. The \R escape matches a single Unicode newline sequence as a single unit.
33    4. New features that will appear in Perl 5.10 are now in PCRE. These include
34       alternative Perl syntax for named parentheses, and Perl syntax for
35       recursion.
37    5. The C++ wrapper interface has been extended by the addition of a
38       QuoteMeta function and the ability to allow copy construction and
39       assignment.
41    For a complete list of changes, see the ChangeLog file.
44    Release 6.7 04-Jul-06
45    ---------------------
47    The main additions to this release are the ability to use the same name for
48    multiple sets of parentheses, and support for CRLF line endings in both the
49    library and pcregrep (and in pcretest for testing).
51    Thanks to Ian Taylor, the stack usage for many kinds of pattern has been
52    significantly reduced for certain subject strings.
55    Release 6.5 01-Feb-06
56    ---------------------
58    Important changes in this release:
60    1. A number of new features have been added to pcregrep.
62    2. The Unicode property tables have been updated to Unicode 4.1.0, and the
63       supported properties have been extended with script names such as "Arabic",
64       and the derived properties "Any" and "L&". This has necessitated a change to
65       the interal format of compiled patterns. Any saved compiled patterns that
66       use \p or \P must be recompiled.
68    3. The specification of recursion in patterns has been changed so that all
69       recursive subpatterns are automatically treated as atomic groups. Thus, for
70       example, (?R) is treated as if it were (?>(?R)). This is necessary because
71       otherwise there are situations where recursion does not work.
73    See the ChangeLog for a complete list of changes, which include a number of bug
74    fixes and tidies.
77  Release 6.0 07-Jun-05  Release 6.0 07-Jun-05
78  ---------------------  ---------------------

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