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revision 1041 by ph10, Sun Sep 16 10:16:27 2012 UTC revision 1045 by ph10, Sun Sep 23 16:50:00 2012 UTC
# Line 85  Version 8.32 Line 85  Version 8.32
86  20. Turn case lists for horizontal and vertical white space into macros so that  20. Turn case lists for horizontal and vertical white space into macros so that
87      they are defined only once.      they are defined only once.
89    21. This set of changes together give more compatible Unicode case-folding
90        behaviour for characters that have more than one other case.
92        (a) The Unicode property table now has offsets into a new table of sets of
93            three or more characters that are case-equivalent. The MultiStage2.py
94            script that generates these tables (the pcre_ucd.c file) now scans
95            CaseFolding.txt instead of UnicodeData.txt for character case
96            information.
98        (b) The code for adding characters or ranges of characters to a character
99            class has been abstracted into a generalized function that also handles
100            case-independence. In UTF-mode with UCP support, this uses the new data
101            to handle characters with more than one other case.
103        (c) A bug that is fixed as a result of (b) is that codepoints less than 256
104            whose other case is greater than 256 are now correctly matched
105            caselessly. Previously, the high codepoint matched the low one, but not
106            vice versa.
108        (d) The processing of \h, \H, \v, and \ in character classes now makes use
109            of the new class addition function, using character lists defined as
110            macros alongside the case definitions of 20 above.
113  Version 8.31 06-July-2012  Version 8.31 06-July-2012

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