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1  ChangeLog for PCRE  ChangeLog for PCRE
2  ------------------  ------------------
4    Version 7.1 05-Mar-07
5    ---------------------
7     1. Applied Bob Rossi and Daniel G's patches to convert the build system to one
8        that is more "standard", making use of automake and other autotools. There
9        is some re-arrangement of the files and adjustment of comments consequent
10        on this.
12     2. Part of the patch fixed a problem with the pcregrep tests. The test of -r
13        for recursive directory scanning broke on some systems because the files
14        are not scanned in any specific order and on different systems the order
15        was different. A call to "sort" has been inserted into RunGrepTest for the
16        approprate test as a short-term fix. In the longer term there may be an
17        alternative.
19     3. I had an email from Eric Raymond about problems translating some of PCRE's
20        man pages to HTML (despite the fact that I distribute HTML pages, some
21        people do their own conversions for various reasons). The problems
22        concerned the use of low-level troff macros .br and .in. I have therefore
23        removed all such uses from the man pages (some were redundant, some could
24        be replaced by .nf/.fi pairs). The 132html script that I use to generate
25        HTML has been updated to handle .nf/.fi and to complain if it encounters
26        .br or .in.
28     4. Updated comments in configure.ac that get placed in config.h.in and also
29        arranged for config.h to be included in the distribution, with the name
30        config.h.generic, for the benefit of those who have to compile without
31        Autotools (compare pcre.h, which is now distributed as pcre.h.generic).
33     5. Updated the support (such as it is) for Virtual Pascal, thanks to Stefan
34        Weber: (1) pcre_internal.h was missing some function renames; (2) updated
35        makevp.bat for the current PCRE, using the additional files !compile.txt,
36        !linklib.txt, and pcregexp.pas.
38     6. A Windows user reported a minor discrepancy with test 2, which turned out
39        to be caused by a trailing space on an input line that had got lost in his
40        copy. The trailing space was an accident, so I've just removed it.
42     7. Add -Wl,-R... flags in pcre-config.in for *BSD* systems, as I'm told
43        that is needed.
45     8. Mark ucp_table (in ucptable.h) and ucp_gentype (in pcre_ucp_searchfuncs.c)
46        as "const" (a) because they are and (b) because it helps the PHP
47        maintainers who have recently made a script to detect big data structures
48        in the php code that should be moved to the .rodata section. I remembered
49        to update Builducptable as well, so it won't revert if ucptable.h is ever
50        re-created.
52     9. Added some extra #ifdef SUPPORT_UTF8 conditionals into pcretest.c,
53        pcre_printint.src, pcre_compile.c, pcre_study.c, and pcre_tables.c, in
54        order to be able to cut out the UTF-8 tables in the latter when UTF-8
55        support is not required. This saves 1.5-2K of code, which is important in
56        some applications.
58        Later: more #ifdefs are needed in pcre_ord2utf8.c and pcre_valid_utf8.c
59        so as not to refer to the tables, even though these functions will never be
60        called when UTF-8 support is disabled. Otherwise there are problems with a
61        shared library.
63    10. The emulated memmove() function in pcre_internal.h (provided for those
64        environments that have neither memmove() nor bcopy()) was defining its
65        arguments as char * instead of void *.
67    11. The script PrepareRelease is now distributed: it calls 132html, CleanTxt,
68        and Detrail to create the HTML documentation, the .txt form of the man
69        pages, and it removes trailing spaces from listed files. It also creates
70        pcre.h.generic and config.h.generic from pcre.h and config.h. In the latter
71        case, it wraps all the #defines with #ifndefs. This script should be run
72        before "make dist".
74    12. Fixed two fairly obscure bugs concerned with quantified caseless matching
75        with Unicode property support.
77        (a) For a maximizing quantifier, if the two different cases of the
78            character were of different lengths in their UTF-8 codings (there are
79            some cases like this - I found 11), and the matching function had to
80            back up over a mixture of the two cases, it incorrectly assumed they
81            were both the same length.
83        (b) When PCRE was configured to use the heap rather than the stack for
84            recursion during matching, it was not correctly preserving the data for
85            the other case of a UTF-8 character when checking ahead for a match
86            while processing a minimizing repeat. If the check also involved
87            matching a wide character, but failed, corruption could cause an
88            erroneous result when trying to check for a repeat of the original
89            character.
91    13. Some tidying changes to the testing mechanism:
93        (a) The RunTest script now detects the internal link size and whether there
94            is UTF-8 and UCP support by running ./pcretest -C instead of relying on
95            values substituted by "configure". (The RunGrepTest script already did
96            this for UTF-8.) The configure.ac script no longer substitutes the
97            relevant variables.
99        (b) The debugging options /B and /D in pcretest show the compiled bytecode
100            with length and offset values. This means that the output is different
101            for different internal link sizes. Test 2 is skipped for link sizes
102            other than 2 because of this, bypassing the problem. Unfortunately,
103            there was also a test in test 3 (the locale tests) that used /B and
104            failed for link sizes other than 2. Rather than cut the whole test out,
105            I have added a new /Z option to pcretest that replaces the length and
106            offset values with spaces. This is now used to make test 3 independent
107            of link size.
110  Version 7.0 19-Dec-06  Version 7.0 19-Dec-06
111  ---------------------  ---------------------

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