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revision 135 by ph10, Thu Mar 29 09:09:33 2007 UTC revision 170 by ph10, Mon Jun 4 11:21:13 2007 UTC
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1  ChangeLog for PCRE  ChangeLog for PCRE
2  ------------------  ------------------
4  Version 7.1 12-Mar-07  Version 7.2 01-May-07
5    ---------------------
7     1. If the fr_FR locale cannot be found for test 3, try the "french" locale,
8        which is apparently normally available under Windows.
10     2. Re-jig the pcregrep tests with different newline settings in an attempt
11        to make them independent of the local environment's newline setting.
13     3. Add code to configure.ac to remove -g from the CFLAGS default settings.
15     4. Some of the "internals" tests were previously cut out when the link size
16        was not 2, because the output contained actual offsets. The recent new
17        "Z" feature of pcretest means that these can be cut out, making the tests
18        usable with all link sizes.
20     5. Implemented Stan Switzer's goto replacement for longjmp() when not using
21        stack recursion. This gives a massive performance boost under BSD, but just
22        a small improvement under Linux. However, it saves one field in the frame
23        in all cases.
25     6. Added more features from the forthcoming Perl 5.10:
27        (a) (?-n) (where n is a string of digits) is a relative subroutine or
28            recursion call. It refers to the nth most recently opened parentheses.
30        (b) (?+n) is also a relative subroutine call; it refers to the nth next
31            to be opened parentheses.
33        (c) Conditions that refer to capturing parentheses can be specified
34            relatively, for example, (?(-2)... or (?(+3)...
36        (d) \K resets the start of the current match so that everything before
37            is not part of it.
39     7. Added two new calls to pcre_fullinfo(): PCRE_INFO_OKPARTIAL and
42     8. A pattern such as  (.*(.)?)*  caused pcre_exec() to fail by either not
43        terminating or by crashing. Diagnosed by Viktor Griph; it was in the code
44        for detecting groups that can match an empty string.
47    Version 7.1 24-Apr-07
48  ---------------------  ---------------------
50   1. Applied Bob Rossi and Daniel G's patches to convert the build system to one   1. Applied Bob Rossi and Daniel G's patches to convert the build system to one
# Line 127  Version 7.1 12-Mar-07 Line 170  Version 7.1 12-Mar-07
170      in an attempt to make files that differ only in their line terminators      in an attempt to make files that differ only in their line terminators
171      compare equal. This works on Linux.      compare equal. This works on Linux.
173    17. Under certain error circumstances pcregrep might try to free random memory
174        as it exited. This is now fixed, thanks to valgrind.
176    19. In pcretest, if the pattern /(?m)^$/g<any> was matched against the string
177        "abc\r\n\r\n", it found an unwanted second match after the second \r. This
178        was because its rules for how to advance for /g after matching an empty
179        string at the end of a line did not allow for this case. They now check for
180        it specially.
182    20. pcretest is supposed to handle patterns and data of any length, by
183        extending its buffers when necessary. It was getting this wrong when the
184        buffer for a data line had to be extended.
186    21. Added PCRE_NEWLINE_ANYCRLF which is like ANY, but matches only CR, LF, or
187        CRLF as a newline sequence.
189    22. Code for handling Unicode properties in pcre_dfa_exec() wasn't being cut
190        out by #ifdef SUPPORT_UCP. This did no harm, as it could never be used, but
191        I have nevertheless tidied it up.
193    23. Added some casts to kill warnings from HP-UX ia64 compiler.
195    24. Added a man page for pcre-config.
198  Version 7.0 19-Dec-06  Version 7.0 19-Dec-06
199  ---------------------  ---------------------

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