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revision 332 by ph10, Sat Apr 5 16:11:05 2008 UTC revision 340 by ph10, Fri Apr 18 20:00:21 2008 UTC
# Line 45  Version 7.7 05-Mar-08 Line 45  Version 7.7 05-Mar-08
46  10. Applied Alan Lehotsky's patch to add REG_STARTEND support to the POSIX  10. Applied Alan Lehotsky's patch to add REG_STARTEND support to the POSIX
47      matching function regexec().      matching function regexec().
49    11. Added support for the Oniguruma syntax \g<name>, \g<n>, \g'name', \g'n',
50        which, however, unlike Perl's \g{...}, are subroutine calls, not back
51        references. PCRE supports relative numbers with this syntax (I don't think
52        Oniguruma does).
54    12. Previously, a group with a zero repeat such as (...){0} was completely
55        omitted from the compiled regex. However, this means that if the group
56        was called as a subroutine from elsewhere in the pattern, things went wrong
57        (an internal error was given). Such groups are now left in the compiled
58        pattern, with a new opcode that causes them to be skipped at execution
59        time.
61    13. Added the PCRE_JAVASCRIPT_COMPAT option. This currently does two things:
62        (a) A lone ] character is dis-allowed (Perl treats it as data).
63        (b) A back reference to an unmatched subpattern matches an empty string
64            (Perl fails the current match path).
66    14. A pattern such as /(?2)[]a()b](abc)/ which had a forward reference to a
67        non-existent subpattern following a character class starting with ']' and
68        containing () gave an internal compiling error instead of "reference to
69        non-existent subpattern". Fortunately, when the pattern did exist, the
70        compiled code was correct. (When scanning forwards to check for the
71        existencd of the subpattern, it was treating the data ']' as terminating
72        the class, so got the count wrong. When actually compiling, the reference
73        was subsequently set up correctly.)
76  Version 7.6 28-Jan-08  Version 7.6 28-Jan-08

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