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revision 353 by ph10, Mon Jul 7 15:44:24 2008 UTC revision 385 by ph10, Sun Mar 8 16:56:58 2009 UTC
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1  ChangeLog for PCRE  ChangeLog for PCRE
2  ------------------  ------------------
4  Version 8.0 02 Jul-08  Version 7.9 xx-xxx-09
5    ---------------------
7    1.  When building with support for bzlib/zlib (pcregrep) and/or readline
8        (pcretest), all targets were linked against these libraries. This included
9        libpcre, libpcreposix, and libpcrecpp, even though they do not use these
10        libraries. This caused unwanted dependencies to be created. This problem
11        has been fixed, and now only pcregrep is linked with bzlib/zlib and only
12        pcretest is linked with readline.
14    2.  The "typedef int BOOL" in pcre_internal.h that was included inside the
15        "#ifndef FALSE" condition by an earlier change (probably 7.8/18) has been
16        moved outside it again, because FALSE and TRUE are already defined in AIX,
17        but BOOL is not.
19    3.  The pcre_config() function was treating the PCRE_MATCH_LIMIT and
20        PCRE_MATCH_LIMIT_RETURSION values as ints, when they should be long ints.
22    4.  The pcregrep documentation said spaces were inserted as well as colons (or
23        hyphens) following file names and line numbers when outputting matching
24        lines. This is not true; no spaces are inserted. I have also clarified the
25        wording for the --colour (or --color) option.
27    5.  In pcregrep, when --colour was used with -o, the list of matching strings
28        was not coloured; this is different to GNU grep, so I have changed it to be
29        the same.
31    6.  When --colo(u)r was used in pcregrep, only the first matching substring in
32        each matching line was coloured. Now it goes on to look for further matches
33        of any of the test patterns, which is the same behaviour as GNU grep.
35    7.  A pattern that could match an empty string could cause pcregrep to loop; it
36        doesn't make sense to accept an empty string match in pcregrep, so I have
37        locked it out (using PCRE's PCRE_NOTEMPTY option). By experiment, this
38        seems to be how GNU grep behaves.
40    8.  The pattern (?(?=.*b)b|^) was incorrectly compiled as "match must be at
41        start or after a newline", because the conditional assertion was not being
42        correctly handled. The rule now is that both the assertion and what follows
43        in the first alternative must satisfy the test.
45    9.  If auto-callout was enabled in a pattern with a conditional group, PCRE
46        could crash during matching.
48    10. The PCRE_DOLLAR_ENDONLY option was not working when pcre_dfa_exec() was
49        used for matching.
51    11. Unicode property support in character classes was not working for
52        characters (bytes) greater than 127 when not in UTF-8 mode.
55    Version 7.8 05-Sep-08
56  ---------------------  ---------------------
58  1.  Replaced UCP searching code with optimized version as implemented for Ad  1.  Replaced UCP searching code with optimized version as implemented for Ad
# Line 13  Version 8.0 02 Jul-08 Line 64  Version 8.0 02 Jul-08
65  2.  Updated the Unicode datatables to Unicode 5.1.0. This adds yet more  2.  Updated the Unicode datatables to Unicode 5.1.0. This adds yet more
66      scripts.      scripts.
68  3.  Change 12 for 7.7 introduced a bug in pcre_study() when a pattern contained  3.  Change 12 for 7.7 introduced a bug in pcre_study() when a pattern contained
69      a group with a zero qualifier. The result of the study could be incorrect,      a group with a zero qualifier. The result of the study could be incorrect,
70      or the function might crash, depending on the pattern.      or the function might crash, depending on the pattern.
72    4.  Caseless matching was not working for non-ASCII characters in back
73        references. For example, /(\x{de})\1/8i was not matching \x{de}\x{fe}.
74        It now works when Unicode Property Support is available.
76    5.  In pcretest, an escape such as \x{de} in the data was always generating
77        a UTF-8 string, even in non-UTF-8 mode. Now it generates a single byte in
78        non-UTF-8 mode. If the value is greater than 255, it gives a warning about
79        truncation.
81    6.  Minor bugfix in pcrecpp.cc (change "" == ... to NULL == ...).
83    7.  Added two (int) casts to pcregrep when printing the difference of two
84        pointers, in case they are 64-bit values.
86    8.  Added comments about Mac OS X stack usage to the pcrestack man page and to
87        test 2 if it fails.
89    9.  Added PCRE_CALL_CONVENTION just before the names of all exported functions,
90        and a #define of that name to empty if it is not externally set. This is to
91        allow users of MSVC to set it if necessary.
93    10. The PCRE_EXP_DEFN macro which precedes exported functions was missing from
94        the convenience functions in the pcre_get.c source file.
96    11. An option change at the start of a pattern that had top-level alternatives
97        could cause overwriting and/or a crash. This command provoked a crash in
98        some environments:
100          printf "/(?i)[\xc3\xa9\xc3\xbd]|[\xc3\xa9\xc3\xbdA]/8\n" | pcretest
102        This potential security problem was recorded as CVE-2008-2371.
104    12. For a pattern where the match had to start at the beginning or immediately
105        after a newline (e.g /.*anything/ without the DOTALL flag), pcre_exec() and
106        pcre_dfa_exec() could read past the end of the passed subject if there was
107        no match. To help with detecting such bugs (e.g. with valgrind), I modified
108        pcretest so that it places the subject at the end of its malloc-ed buffer.
110    13. The change to pcretest in 12 above threw up a couple more cases when pcre_
111        exec() might read past the end of the data buffer in UTF-8 mode.
113    14. A similar bug to 7.3/2 existed when the PCRE_FIRSTLINE option was set and
114        the data contained the byte 0x85 as part of a UTF-8 character within its
115        first line. This applied both to normal and DFA matching.
117    15. Lazy qualifiers were not working in some cases in UTF-8 mode. For example,
118        /^[^d]*?$/8 failed to match "abc".
120    16. Added a missing copyright notice to pcrecpp_internal.h.
122    17. Make it more clear in the documentation that values returned from
123        pcre_exec() in ovector are byte offsets, not character counts.
125    18. Tidied a few places to stop certain compilers from issuing warnings.
127    19. Updated the Virtual Pascal + BCC files to compile the latest v7.7, as
128        supplied by Stefan Weber. I made a further small update for 7.8 because
129        there is a change of source arrangements: the pcre_searchfuncs.c module is
130        replaced by pcre_ucd.c.
133  Version 7.7 07-May-08  Version 7.7 07-May-08

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