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revision 77 by nigel, Sat Feb 24 21:40:45 2007 UTC revision 79 by nigel, Sat Feb 24 21:40:52 2007 UTC
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1  ChangeLog for PCRE  ChangeLog for PCRE
2  ------------------  ------------------
4    Version 6.1 21-Jun-05
5    ---------------------
7     1. There was one reference to the variable "posix" in pcretest.c that was not
8        surrounded by "#if !defined NOPOSIX".
10     2. Make it possible to compile pcretest without DFA support, UTF8 support, or
11        the cross-check on the old pcre_info() function, for the benefit of the
12        cut-down version of PCRE that is currently imported into Exim.
14     3. A (silly) pattern starting with (?i)(?-i) caused an internal space
15        allocation error. I've done the easy fix, which wastes 2 bytes for sensible
16        patterns that start (?i) but I don't think that matters. The use of (?i) is
17        just an example; this all applies to the other options as well.
19     4. Since libtool seems to echo the compile commands it is issuing, the output
20        from "make" can be reduced a bit by putting "@" in front of each libtool
21        compile command.
23     5. Patch from the folks at Google for configure.in to be a bit more thorough
24        in checking for a suitable C++ installation before trying to compile the
25        C++ stuff. This should fix a reported problem when a compiler was present,
26        but no suitable headers.
28     6. The man pages all had just "PCRE" as their title. I have changed them to
29        be the relevant file name. I have also arranged that these names are
30        retained in the file doc/pcre.txt, which is a concatenation in text format
31        of all the man pages except the little individual ones for each function.
33     7. The NON-UNIX-USE file had not been updated for the different set of source
34        files that come with release 6. I also added a few comments about the C++
35        wrapper.
38  Version 6.0 07-Jun-05  Version 6.0 07-Jun-05
39  ---------------------  ---------------------

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