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1  ChangeLog for PCRE  ChangeLog for PCRE
2  ------------------  ------------------
4    Version 6.3 15-Aug-05
5    ---------------------
7     1. The file libpcre.pc.in did not have general read permission in the tarball.
9     2. There were some problems when building without C++ support:
11        (a) If C++ support was not built, "make install" and "make test" still
12            tried to test it.
14        (b) There were problems when the value of CXX was explicitly set. Some
15            changes have been made to try to fix these, and ...
17        (c) --disable-cpp can now be used to explicitly disable C++ support.
19        (d) The use of @CPP_OBJ@ directly caused a blank line preceded by a
20            backslash in a target when C++ was disabled. This confuses some
21            versions of "make", apparently. Using an intermediate variable solves
22            this. (Same for CPP_LOBJ.)
24     3. $(LINK_FOR_BUILD) now includes $(CFLAGS_FOR_BUILD) and $(LINK)
25        (non-Windows) now includes $(CFLAGS) because these flags are sometimes
26        necessary on certain architectures.
28     4. Added a setting of -export-symbols-regex to the link command to remove
29        those symbols that are exported in the C sense, but actually are local
30        within the library, and not documented. Their names all begin with
31        "_pcre_". This is not a perfect job, because (a) we have to except some
32        symbols that pcretest ("illegally") uses, and (b) the facility isn't always
33        available (and never for static libraries). I have made a note to try to
34        find a way round (a) in the future.
37    Version 6.2 01-Aug-05
38    ---------------------
40     1. There was no test for integer overflow of quantifier values. A construction
41        such as {1111111111111111} would give undefined results. What is worse, if
42        a minimum quantifier for a parenthesized subpattern overflowed and became
43        negative, the calculation of the memory size went wrong. This could have
44        led to memory overwriting.
46     2. Building PCRE using VPATH was broken. Hopefully it is now fixed.
48     3. Added "b" to the 2nd argument of fopen() in dftables.c, for non-Unix-like
49        operating environments where this matters.
51     4. Applied Giuseppe Maxia's patch to add additional features for controlling
52        PCRE options from within the C++ wrapper.
54     5. Named capturing subpatterns were not being correctly counted when a pattern
55        was compiled. This caused two problems: (a) If there were more than 100
56        such subpatterns, the calculation of the memory needed for the whole
57        compiled pattern went wrong, leading to an overflow error. (b) Numerical
58        back references of the form \12, where the number was greater than 9, were
59        not recognized as back references, even though there were sufficient
60        previous subpatterns.
62     6. Two minor patches to pcrecpp.cc in order to allow it to compile on older
63        versions of gcc, e.g. 2.95.4.
66    Version 6.1 21-Jun-05
67    ---------------------
69     1. There was one reference to the variable "posix" in pcretest.c that was not
70        surrounded by "#if !defined NOPOSIX".
72     2. Make it possible to compile pcretest without DFA support, UTF8 support, or
73        the cross-check on the old pcre_info() function, for the benefit of the
74        cut-down version of PCRE that is currently imported into Exim.
76     3. A (silly) pattern starting with (?i)(?-i) caused an internal space
77        allocation error. I've done the easy fix, which wastes 2 bytes for sensible
78        patterns that start (?i) but I don't think that matters. The use of (?i) is
79        just an example; this all applies to the other options as well.
81     4. Since libtool seems to echo the compile commands it is issuing, the output
82        from "make" can be reduced a bit by putting "@" in front of each libtool
83        compile command.
85     5. Patch from the folks at Google for configure.in to be a bit more thorough
86        in checking for a suitable C++ installation before trying to compile the
87        C++ stuff. This should fix a reported problem when a compiler was present,
88        but no suitable headers.
90     6. The man pages all had just "PCRE" as their title. I have changed them to
91        be the relevant file name. I have also arranged that these names are
92        retained in the file doc/pcre.txt, which is a concatenation in text format
93        of all the man pages except the little individual ones for each function.
95     7. The NON-UNIX-USE file had not been updated for the different set of source
96        files that come with release 6. I also added a few comments about the C++
97        wrapper.
100  Version 6.0 07-Jun-05  Version 6.0 07-Jun-05
101  ---------------------  ---------------------

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