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revision 773 by ph10, Wed Nov 30 18:10:27 2011 UTC revision 835 by ph10, Wed Dec 28 16:10:09 2011 UTC
# Line 52  Version 8.21 Line 52  Version 8.21
53  13. In non-UTF-8 mode, \C is now supported in lookbehinds and DFA matching.  13. In non-UTF-8 mode, \C is now supported in lookbehinds and DFA matching.
 14. Perl does not support \N without a following name in a [] class; PCRE now  
     also gives an error.  
 15. If a forward reference was repeated with an upper limit of around 2000,  
     it caused the error "internal error: overran compiling workspace". The  
     maximum number of forward references (including repeats) was limited by the  
     internal workspace, and dependent on the LINK_SIZE. The code has been  
     rewritten so that the workspace expands (via pcre_malloc) if necessary, and  
     the default depends on LINK_SIZE. There is a new upper limit (for safety)  
     of around 200,000 forward references. While doing this, I also speeded up  
     the filling in of repeated forward references.  
 16. A repeated forward reference in a pattern such as (a)(?2){2}(.) was  
     incorrectly expecting the subject to contain another "a" after the start.  
 17. When (*SKIP:name) is activated without a corresponding (*MARK:name) earlier  
     in the match, the SKIP should be ignored. This was not happening; instead  
     the SKIP was being treated as NOMATCH. For patterns such as  
     /A(*MARK:A)A+(*SKIP:B)Z|AAC/ this meant that the AAC branch was never  
 18. The behaviour of (*MARK), (*PRUNE), and (*THEN) has been reworked and is  
     now much more compatible with Perl, in particular in cases where the result  
     is a non-match for a non-anchored pattern. For example, if  
     /b(*:m)f|a(*:n)w/ is matched against "abc", the non-match returns the name  
     "m", where previously it did not return a name. A side effect of this  
     change is that for partial matches, the last encountered mark name is  
     returned, as for non matches. A number of tests that were previously not  
     Perl-compatible have been moved into the Perl-compatible test files. The  
     refactoring has had the pleasing side effect of removing one argument from  
     the match() function, thus reducing its stack requirements.  
56  Version 8.20 21-Oct-2011  Version 8.20 21-Oct-2011
57  ------------------------  ------------------------

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