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revision 300 by ph10, Mon Jan 14 19:43:19 2008 UTC revision 322 by ph10, Wed Mar 5 17:14:08 2008 UTC
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1  ChangeLog for PCRE  ChangeLog for PCRE
2  ------------------  ------------------
4  Version 7.6 14-Jan-08  Version 7.7 05-Mar-08
5  ---------------------  ---------------------
7  1.  A class with a very large number of characters with codepoints greater  1.  Applied Craig's patch to sort out a long long problem: "If we can't convert
8      than 255 (in UTF-8 mode, of course), caused a buffer overflow.      a string to a long long, pretend we don't even have a long long." This is
9        done by checking for the strtoq, strtoll, and _strtoi64 functions.
11    2.  Applied Craig's patch to pcrecpp.cc to restore ABI compatibility with
12        pre-7.6 versions, which defined a global no_arg variable instead of putting
13        it in the RE class.
16    Version 7.6 28-Jan-08
17    ---------------------
19    1.  A character class containing a very large number of characters with
20        codepoints greater than 255 (in UTF-8 mode, of course) caused a buffer
21        overflow.
23    2.  Patch to cut out the "long long" test in pcrecpp_unittest when
24        HAVE_LONG_LONG is not defined.
26    3.  Applied Christian Ehrlicher's patch to update the CMake build files to
27        bring them up to date and include new features. This patch includes:
29        - Fixed PH's badly added libz and libbz2 support.
30        - Fixed a problem with static linking.
31        - Added pcredemo. [But later removed - see 7 below.]
32        - Fixed dftables problem and added an option.
33        - Added a number of HAVE_XXX tests, including HAVE_WINDOWS_H and
34            HAVE_LONG_LONG.
35        - Added readline support for pcretest.
36        - Added an listing of the option settings after cmake has run.
38    4.  A user submitted a patch to Makefile that makes it easy to create
39        "pcre.dll" under mingw when using Configure/Make. I added stuff to
40        Makefile.am that cause it to include this special target, without
41        affecting anything else. Note that the same mingw target plus all
42        the other distribution libraries and programs are now supported
43        when configuring with CMake (see 6 below) instead of with
44        Configure/Make.
46    5.  Applied Craig's patch that moves no_arg into the RE class in the C++ code.
47        This is an attempt to solve the reported problem "pcrecpp::no_arg is not
48        exported in the Windows port". It has not yet been confirmed that the patch
49        solves the problem, but it does no harm.
51    6.  Applied Sheri's patch to CMakeLists.txt to add NON_STANDARD_LIB_PREFIX and
52        NON_STANDARD_LIB_SUFFIX for dll names built with mingw when configured
53        with CMake, and also correct the comment about stack recursion.
55    7.  Remove the automatic building of pcredemo from the ./configure system and
56        from CMakeLists.txt. The whole idea of pcredemo.c is that it is an example
57        of a program that users should build themselves after PCRE is installed, so
58        building it automatically is not really right. What is more, it gave
59        trouble in some build environments.
61    8.  Further tidies to CMakeLists.txt from Sheri and Christian.
64  Version 7.5 10-Jan-08  Version 7.5 10-Jan-08
65  ---------------------  ---------------------

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