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revision 641 by ph10, Mon Jul 25 16:56:54 2011 UTC revision 642 by ph10, Thu Jul 28 18:59:40 2011 UTC
# Line 195  Version 8.13 30-Apr-2011 Line 195  Version 8.13 30-Apr-2011
196  38. Add minix to OS list not supporting the -S option in pcretest.  38. Add minix to OS list not supporting the -S option in pcretest.
198    39. PCRE tries to detect cases of infinite recursion at compile time, but it
199        cannot analyze patterns in sufficient detail to catch mutual recursions
200        such as ((?1))((?2)). There is now a runtime test that gives an error if a
201        subgroup is called recursively as a subpattern for a second time at the
202        same position in the subject string. In previous releases this might have
203        been caught by the recursion limit, or it might have run out of stack.
205    40. A pattern such as /(?(R)a+|(?R)b)/ is quite safe, as the recursion can
206        happen only once. PCRE was, however incorrectly giving a compile time error
207        "recursive call could loop indefinitely" because it cannot analyze the
208        pattern in sufficient detail. The compile time test no longer happens when
209        PCRE is compiling a conditional subpattern, but actual runaway loops are
210        now caught at runtime (see 39 above).
213  Version 8.12 15-Jan-2011  Version 8.12 15-Jan-2011
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