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revision 68 by nigel, Sat Feb 24 21:40:13 2007 UTC revision 69 by nigel, Sat Feb 24 21:40:18 2007 UTC
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1  ChangeLog for PCRE  ChangeLog for PCRE
2  ------------------  ------------------
4    Version 4.3 21-May-03
5    ---------------------
7    1. Two instances of @WIN_PREFIX@ omitted from the Windows targets in the
8       Makefile.
10    2. Some refactoring to improve the quality of the code:
12       (i)   The utf8_table... variables are now declared "const".
14       (ii)  The code for \cx, which used the "case flipping" table to upper case
15             lower case letters, now just substracts 32. This is ASCII-specific,
16             but the whole concept of \cx is ASCII-specific, so it seems
17             reasonable.
19       (iii) PCRE was using its character types table to recognize decimal and
20             hexadecimal digits in the pattern. This is silly, because it handles
21             only 0-9, a-f, and A-F, but the character types table is locale-
22             specific, which means strange things might happen. A private
23             table is now used for this - though it costs 256 bytes, a table is
24             much faster than multiple explicit tests. Of course, the standard
25             character types table is still used for matching digits in subject
26             strings against \d.
28       (iv)  Strictly, the identifier ESC_t is reserved by POSIX (all identifiers
29             ending in _t are). So I've renamed it as ESC_tee.
31    3. The first argument for regexec() in the POSIX wrapper should have been
32       defined as "const".
34    4. Changed pcretest to use malloc() for its buffers so that they can be
35       Electric Fenced for debugging.
37    5. There were several places in the code where, in UTF-8 mode, PCRE would try
38       to read one or more bytes before the start of the subject string. Often this
39       had no effect on PCRE's behaviour, but in some circumstances it could
40       provoke a segmentation fault.
42    6. A lookbehind at the start of a pattern in UTF-8 mode could also cause PCRE
43       to try to read one or more bytes before the start of the subject string.
45    7. A lookbehind in a pattern matched in non-UTF-8 mode on a PCRE compiled with
46       UTF-8 support could misbehave in various ways if the subject string
47       contained bytes with the 0x80 bit set and the 0x40 bit unset in a lookbehind
48       area. (PCRE was not checking for the UTF-8 mode flag, and trying to move
49       back over UTF-8 characters.)
52  Version 4.2 14-Apr-03  Version 4.2 14-Apr-03
53  ---------------------  ---------------------

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