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revision 856 by ph10, Sat Jan 7 17:02:55 2012 UTC revision 931 by ph10, Fri Feb 24 13:21:02 2012 UTC
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1  ChangeLog for PCRE  ChangeLog for PCRE
2  ------------------  ------------------
4  Version 8.30  Version 8.31
5  ------------  -----------------------------
7    1.  Fixing a wrong JIT test case and some compiler warnings.
9    2.  Removed a bashism from the RunTest script.
11    3.  Add a cast to pcre_exec.c to fix the warning "unary minus operator applied
12        to unsigned type, result still unsigned" that was given by an MS compiler
13        on encountering the code "-sizeof(xxx)".
15    4.  Partial matching support is added to the JIT compiler.
17    5.  Fixed several bugs concerned with partial matching of items that consist
18        of more than one character:
20        (a) /^(..)\1/ did not partially match "aba" because checking references was
21            done on an "all or nothing" basis. This also applied to repeated
22            references.
24        (b) \R did not give a hard partial match if \r was found at the end of the
25            subject.
27        (c) \X did not give a hard partial match after matching one or more
28            characters at the end of the subject.
30        (d) When newline was set to CRLF, a pattern such as /a$/ did not recognize
31            a partial match for the string "\r".
33        (e) When newline was set to CRLF, the metacharacter "." did not recognize
34            a partial match for a CR character at the end of the subject string.
36    6.  If JIT is requested using /S++ or -s++ (instead of just /S+ or -s+) when
37        running pcretest, the text "(JIT)" added to the output whenever JIT is
38        actually used to run the match.
40    7.  Individual JIT compile options can be set in pcretest by following -s+[+]
41        or /S+[+] with a digit between 1 and 7.
43    8.  OP_NOT now supports any UTF character not just single-byte ones.
45    9.  (*MARK) control verb is now supported by the JIT compiler.
47    10. The command "./RunTest list" lists the available tests without actually
48        running any of them. (Because I keep forgetting what they all are.)
51    Version 8.30 04-February-2012
52    -----------------------------
54  1.  Renamed "isnumber" as "is_a_number" because in some Mac environments this  1.  Renamed "isnumber" as "is_a_number" because in some Mac environments this
55      name is defined in ctype.h.      name is defined in ctype.h.
# Line 30  Version 8.30 Line 77  Version 8.30
77      command "pattern=`printf 'xxx\r\njkl'`" was run. The pattern is now taken      command "pattern=`printf 'xxx\r\njkl'`" was run. The pattern is now taken
78      from a file.      from a file.
80    8.  Ovector size of 2 is also supported by JIT based pcre_exec (the ovector size
81        rounding is not applied in this particular case).
83    9.  The invalid Unicode surrogate codepoints U+D800 to U+DFFF are now rejected
84        if they appear, or are escaped, in patterns.
86    10. Get rid of a number of -Wunused-but-set-variable warnings.
88    11. The pattern /(?=(*:x))(q|)/ matches an empty string, and returns the mark
89        "x". The similar pattern /(?=(*:x))((*:y)q|)/ did not return a mark at all.
90        Oddly, Perl behaves the same way. PCRE has been fixed so that this pattern
91        also returns the mark "x". This bug applied to capturing parentheses,
92        non-capturing parentheses, and atomic parentheses. It also applied to some
93        assertions.
95    12. Stephen Kelly's patch to CMakeLists.txt allows it to parse the version
96        information out of configure.ac instead of relying on pcre.h.generic, which
97        is not stored in the repository.
99    13. Applied Dmitry V. Levin's patch for a more portable method for linking with
100        -lreadline.
102    14. ZH added PCRE_CONFIG_JITTARGET; added its output to pcretest -C.
104    15. Applied Graycode's patch to put the top-level frame on the stack rather
105        than the heap when not using the stack for recursion. This gives a
106        performance improvement in many cases when recursion is not deep.
108    16. Experimental code added to "pcretest -C" to output the stack frame size.
111  Version 8.21 12-Dec-2011  Version 8.21 12-Dec-2011
112  ------------------------  ------------------------

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