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revision 292 by ph10, Thu Dec 27 09:27:23 2007 UTC revision 311 by ph10, Wed Jan 23 17:34:58 2008 UTC
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1  ChangeLog for PCRE  ChangeLog for PCRE
2  ------------------  ------------------
4  Version 7.5 27-Dec-07  Version 7.6 21-Jan-08
5    ---------------------
7    1.  A character class containing a very large number of characters with
8        codepoints greater than 255 (in UTF-8 mode, of course) caused a buffer
9        overflow.
11    2.  Patch to cut out the "long long" test in pcrecpp_unittest when
12        HAVE_LONG_LONG is not defined.
14    3.  Applied Christian Ehrlicher's patch to update the CMake build files to
15        bring them up to date and include new features. This patch includes:
17        - Fixed PH's badly added libz and libbz2 support.
18        - Fixed a problem with static linking.
19        - Added pcredemo.
20        - Fixed dftables problem and added an option.
21        - Added a number of HAVE_XXX tests, including HAVE_WINDOWS_H and
22            HAVE_LONG_LONG.
23        - Added readline support for pcretest.
24        - Added an listing of the option settings after cmake has run.
26    4.  A user submitted a patch to Makefile that makes it easy to created a dll
27        under mingw. I added stuff to Makefile.am that cause it to include this
28        special target, without affecting anything else.
30    5.  Applied Craig's patch that moves no_arg into the RE class in the C++ code.
31        This is an attempt to solve the reported problem "pcrecpp::no_arg is not
32        exported in the Windows port". It has not yet been confirmed that the patch
33        solves the problem, but it does no harm.
35    6.  Applied Sheri's patch to CMakeLists.txt to add NON_STANDARD_LIB_PREFIX and
36        NON_STANDARD_LIB_SUFFIX and correct the comment about stack recursion.
39    Version 7.5 10-Jan-08
40  ---------------------  ---------------------
42  1.  Applied a patch from Craig: "This patch makes it possible to 'ignore'  1.  Applied a patch from Craig: "This patch makes it possible to 'ignore'
# Line 99  Version 7.5 27-Dec-07 Line 134  Version 7.5 27-Dec-07
135  20. In pcrecpp.cc, the variable 'count' was incremented twice in  20. In pcrecpp.cc, the variable 'count' was incremented twice in
136      RE::GlobalReplace(). As a result, the number of replacements returned was      RE::GlobalReplace(). As a result, the number of replacements returned was
137      double what it should be. I have removed one of the increments.      double what it should be. I removed one of the increments, but Craig sent a
138        later patch that removed the other one (the right fix) and added unit tests
139        that check the return values (which was not done before).
141  21. Several CMake things:  21. Several CMake things:
# Line 111  Version 7.5 27-Dec-07 Line 148  Version 7.5 27-Dec-07
151    22. In UTF-8 mode, with newline set to "any", a pattern such as .*a.*=.b.*
152        crashed when matching a string such as a\x{2029}b (note that \x{2029} is a
153        UTF-8 newline character). The key issue is that the pattern starts .*;
154        this means that the match must be either at the beginning, or after a
155        newline. The bug was in the code for advancing after a failed match and
156        checking that the new position followed a newline. It was not taking
157        account of UTF-8 characters correctly.
159    23. PCRE was behaving differently from Perl in the way it recognized POSIX
160        character classes. PCRE was not treating the sequence [:...:] as a
161        character class unless the ... were all letters. Perl, however, seems to
162        allow any characters between [: and :], though of course it rejects as
163        unknown any "names" that contain non-letters, because all the known class
164        names consist only of letters. Thus, Perl gives an error for [[:1234:]],
165        for example, whereas PCRE did not - it did not recognize a POSIX character
166        class. This seemed a bit dangerous, so the code has been changed to be
167        closer to Perl. The behaviour is not identical to Perl, because PCRE will
168        diagnose an unknown class for, for example, [[:l\ower:]] where Perl will
169        treat it as [[:lower:]]. However, PCRE does now give "unknown" errors where
170        Perl does, and where it didn't before.
172    24. Rewrite so as to remove the single use of %n from pcregrep because in some
173        Windows environments %n is disabled by default.
176  Version 7.4 21-Sep-07  Version 7.4 21-Sep-07
177  ---------------------  ---------------------

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