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revision 7 by nigel, Sat Feb 24 21:38:09 2007 UTC revision 9 by nigel, Sat Feb 24 21:38:13 2007 UTC
# Line 2  ChangeLog for PCRE Line 2  ChangeLog for PCRE
2  ------------------  ------------------
5    Version 1.03 18-Dec-97
6    ----------------------
8    1. A erroneous regex with a missing opening parenthesis was correctly
9    diagnosed, but PCRE attempted to access brastack[-1], which could cause crashes
10    on some systems.
12    2. Replaced offsetof(real_pcre, code) by offsetof(real_pcre, code[0]) because
13    it was reported that one broken compiler failed on the former because "code" is
14    also an independent variable.
16    3. The erroneous regex a[]b caused an array overrun reference.
18    4. A regex ending with a one-character negative class (e.g. /[^k]$/) did not
19    fail on data ending with that character. (It was going on too far, and checking
20    the next character, typically a binary zero.) This was specific to the
21    optimized code for single-character negative classes.
23    5. Added a contributed patch from the TIN world which does the following:
25      + Add an undef for memmove, in case the the system defines a macro for it.
27      + Add a definition of offsetof(), in case there isn't one. (I don't know
28        the reason behind this - offsetof() is part of the ANSI standard - but
29        it does no harm).
31      + Reduce the ifdef's in pcre.c using macro DPRINTF, thereby eliminating
32        most of the places where whitespace preceded '#'. I have given up and
33        allowed the remaining 2 cases to be at the margin.
35      + Rename some variables in pcre to eliminate shadowing. This seems very
36        pedantic, but does no harm, of course.
38    6. Moved the call to setjmp() into its own function, to get rid of warnings
39    from gcc -Wall, and avoided calling it at all unless PCRE_EXTRA is used.
41    7. Constructs such as \d{8,} were compiling into the equivalent of
42    \d{8}\d{65527} instead of \d{8}\d* which didn't make much difference to the
43    outcome, but in this particular case used more store than had been allocated,
44    which caused the bug to be discovered because it threw up an internal error.
46    8. The debugging code in both pcre and pcretest for outputting the compiled
47    form of a regex was going wrong in the case of back references followed by
48    curly-bracketed repeats.
51  Version 1.02 12-Dec-97  Version 1.02 12-Dec-97
52  ----------------------  ----------------------

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