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1  ChangeLog for PCRE  ChangeLog for PCRE
2  ------------------  ------------------
4    Version 4.4 13-Aug-03
5    ---------------------
7     1. In UTF-8 mode, a character class containing characters with values between
8        127 and 255 was not handled correctly if the compiled pattern was studied.
9        In fixing this, I have also improved the studying algorithm for such
10        classes (slightly).
12     2. Three internal functions had redundant arguments passed to them. Removal
13        might give a very teeny performance improvement.
15     3. Documentation bug: the value of the capture_top field in a callout is *one
16        more than* the number of the hightest numbered captured substring.
18     4. The Makefile linked pcretest and pcregrep with -lpcre, which could result
19        in incorrectly linking with a previously installed version. They now link
20        explicitly with libpcre.la.
22     5. configure.in no longer needs to recognize Cygwin specially.
24     6. A problem in pcre.in for Windows platforms is fixed.
26     7. If a pattern was successfully studied, and the -d (or /D) flag was given to
27        pcretest, it used to include the size of the study block as part of its
28        output. Unfortunately, the structure contains a field that has a different
29        size on different hardware architectures. This meant that the tests that
30        showed this size failed. As the block is currently always of a fixed size,
31        this information isn't actually particularly useful in pcretest output, so
32        I have just removed it.
34     8. Three pre-processor statements accidentally did not start in column 1.
35        Sadly, there are *still* compilers around that complain, even though
36        standard C has not required this for well over a decade. Sigh.
38     9. In pcretest, the code for checking callouts passed small integers in the
39        callout_data field, which is a void * field. However, some picky compilers
40        complained about the casts involved for this on 64-bit systems. Now
41        pcretest passes the address of the small integer instead, which should get
42        rid of the warnings.
44    10. By default, when in UTF-8 mode, PCRE now checks for valid UTF-8 strings at
45        both compile and run time, and gives an error if an invalid UTF-8 sequence
46        is found. There is a option for disabling this check in cases where the
47        string is known to be correct and/or the maximum performance is wanted.
49    11. In response to a bug report, I changed one line in Makefile.in from
51            -Wl,--out-implib,.libs/lib@WIN_PREFIX@pcreposix.dll.a \
52        to
53            -Wl,--out-implib,.libs/@WIN_PREFIX@libpcreposix.dll.a \
55        to look similar to other lines, but I have no way of telling whether this
56        is the right thing to do, as I do not use Windows. No doubt I'll get told
57        if it's wrong...
60  Version 4.3 21-May-03  Version 4.3 21-May-03
61  ---------------------  ---------------------

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