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1  ChangeLog for PCRE  ChangeLog for PCRE
2  ------------------  ------------------
4    Version 5.0 13-Sep-04
5    ---------------------
7     1. Internal change: literal characters are no longer packed up into items
8        containing multiple characters in a single byte-string. Each character
9        is now matched using a separate opcode. However, there may be more than one
10        byte in the character in UTF-8 mode.
12     2. The pcre_callout_block structure has two new fields: pattern_position and
13        next_item_length. These contain the offset in the pattern to the next match
14        item, and its length, respectively.
16     3. The PCRE_AUTO_CALLOUT option for pcre_compile() requests the automatic
17        insertion of callouts before each pattern item. Added the /C option to
18        pcretest to make use of this.
20     4. On the advice of a Windows user, the lines
22          #if defined(_WIN32) || defined(WIN32)
23          _setmode( _fileno( stdout ), 0x8000 );
24          #endif  /* defined(_WIN32) || defined(WIN32) */
26        have been added to the source of pcretest. This apparently does useful
27        magic in relation to line terminators.
29     5. Changed "r" and "w" in the calls to fopen() in pcretest to "rb" and "wb"
30        for the benefit of those environments where the "b" makes a difference.
32     6. The icc compiler has the same options as gcc, but "configure" doesn't seem
33        to know about it. I have put a hack into configure.in that adds in code
34        to set GCC=yes if CC=icc. This seems to end up at a point in the
35        generated configure script that is early enough to affect the setting of
36        compiler options, which is what is needed, but I have no means of testing
37        whether it really works. (The user who reported this had patched the
38        generated configure script, which of course I cannot do.)
40        LATER: After change 22 below (new libtool files), the configure script
41        seems to know about icc (and also ecc). Therefore, I have commented out
42        this hack in configure.in.
44     7. Added support for pkg-config (2 patches were sent in).
46     8. Negated POSIX character classes that used a combination of internal tables
47        were completely broken. These were [[:^alpha:]], [[:^alnum:]], and
48        [[:^ascii]]. Typically, they would match almost any characters. The other
49        POSIX classes were not broken in this way.
51     9. Matching the pattern "\b.*?" against "ab cd", starting at offset 1, failed
52        to find the match, as PCRE was deluded into thinking that the match had to
53        start at the start point or following a newline. The same bug applied to
54        patterns with negative forward assertions or any backward assertions
55        preceding ".*" at the start, unless the pattern required a fixed first
56        character. This was a failing pattern: "(?!.bcd).*". The bug is now fixed.
58    10. In UTF-8 mode, when moving forwards in the subject after a failed match
59        starting at the last subject character, bytes beyond the end of the subject
60        string were read.
62    11. Renamed the variable "class" as "classbits" to make life easier for C++
63        users. (Previously there was a macro definition, but it apparently wasn't
64        enough.)
66    12. Added the new field "tables" to the extra data so that tables can be passed
67        in at exec time, or the internal tables can be re-selected. This allows
68        a compiled regex to be saved and re-used at a later time by a different
69        program that might have everything at different addresses.
71    13. Modified the pcre-config script so that, when run on Solaris, it shows a
72        -R library as well as a -L library.
74    14. The debugging options of pcretest (-d on the command line or D on a
75        pattern) showed incorrect output for anything following an extended class
76        that contained multibyte characters and which was followed by a quantifier.
78    15. Added optional support for general category Unicode character properties
79        via the \p, \P, and \X escapes. Unicode property support implies UTF-8
80        support. It adds about 90K to the size of the library. The meanings of the
81        inbuilt class escapes such as \d and \s have NOT been changed.
83    16. Updated pcredemo.c to include calls to free() to release the memory for the
84        compiled pattern.
86    17. The generated file chartables.c was being created in the source directory
87        instead of in the building directory. This caused the build to fail if the
88        source directory was different from the building directory, and was
89        read-only.
91    18. Added some sample Win commands from Mark Tetrode into the NON-UNIX-USE
92        file. No doubt somebody will tell me if they don't make sense... Also added
93        Dan Mooney's comments about building on OpenVMS.
95    19. Added support for partial matching via the PCRE_PARTIAL option for
96        pcre_exec() and the \P data escape in pcretest.
98    20. Extended pcretest with 3 new pattern features:
100        (i)   A pattern option of the form ">rest-of-line" causes pcretest to
101              write the compiled pattern to the file whose name is "rest-of-line".
102              This is a straight binary dump of the data, with the saved pointer to
103              the character tables forced to be NULL. The study data, if any, is
104              written too. After writing, pcretest reads a new pattern.
106        (ii)  If, instead of a pattern, "<rest-of-line" is given, pcretest reads a
107              compiled pattern from the given file. There must not be any
108              occurrences of "<" in the file name (pretty unlikely); if there are,
109              pcretest will instead treat the initial "<" as a pattern delimiter.
110              After reading in the pattern, pcretest goes on to read data lines as
111              usual.
113        (iii) The F pattern option causes pcretest to flip the bytes in the 32-bit
114              and 16-bit fields in a compiled pattern, to simulate a pattern that
115              was compiled on a host of opposite endianness.
117    21. The pcre-exec() function can now cope with patterns that were compiled on
118        hosts of opposite endianness, with this restriction:
120          As for any compiled expression that is saved and used later, the tables
121          pointer field cannot be preserved; the extra_data field in the arguments
122          to pcre_exec() should be used to pass in a tables address if a value
123          other than the default internal tables were used at compile time.
125    22. Calling pcre_exec() with a negative value of the "ovecsize" parameter is
126        now diagnosed as an error. Previously, most of the time, a negative number
127        would have been treated as zero, but if in addition "ovector" was passed as
128        NULL, a crash could occur.
130    23. Updated the files ltmain.sh, config.sub, config.guess, and aclocal.m4 with
131        new versions from the libtool 1.5 distribution (the last one is a copy of
132        a file called libtool.m4). This seems to have fixed the need to patch
133        "configure" to support Darwin 1.3 (which I used to do). However, I still
134        had to patch ltmain.sh to ensure that ${SED} is set (it isn't on my
135        workstation).
137    24. Changed the PCRE licence to be the more standard "BSD" licence.
140  Version 4.5 01-Dec-03  Version 4.5 01-Dec-03
141  ---------------------  ---------------------

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