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1  News about PCRE releases  News about PCRE releases
2  ------------------------  ------------------------
4    Release 8.00 05-Oct-09
5    ----------------------
7  Release 7.3 16-Aug-07  Bugs have been fixed in the library and in pcregrep. There are also some
8    enhancements. Restrictions on patterns used for partial matching have been
9    removed, extra information is given for partial matches, the partial matching
10    process has been improved, and an option to make a partial match override a
11    full match is available. The "study" process has been enhanced by finding a
12    lower bound matching length. Groups with duplicate numbers may now have
13    duplicated names without the use of PCRE_DUPNAMES. However, they may not have
14    different names. The documentation has been revised to reflect these changes.
15    The version number has been expanded to 3 digits as it is clear that the rate
16    of change is not slowing down.
19    Release 7.9 11-Apr-09
20    ---------------------
22    Mostly bugfixes and tidies with just a couple of minor functional additions.
25    Release 7.8 05-Sep-08
26    ---------------------
28    More bug fixes, plus a performance improvement in Unicode character property
29    lookup.
32    Release 7.7 07-May-08
33    ---------------------
35    This is once again mainly a bug-fix release, but there are a couple of new
36    features.
39    Release 7.6 28-Jan-08
40    ---------------------
42    The main reason for having this release so soon after 7.5 is because it fixes a
43    potential buffer overflow problem in pcre_compile() when run in UTF-8 mode. In
44    addition, the CMake configuration files have been brought up to date.
47    Release 7.5 10-Jan-08
48    ---------------------
50    This is mainly a bug-fix release. However the ability to link pcregrep with
51    libz or libbz2 and the ability to link pcretest with libreadline have been
52    added. Also the --line-offsets and --file-offsets options were added to
53    pcregrep.
56    Release 7.4 21-Sep-07
57    ---------------------
59    The only change of specification is the addition of options to control whether
60    \R matches any Unicode line ending (the default) or just CR, LF, and CRLF.
61    Otherwise, the changes are bug fixes and a refactoring to reduce the number of
62    relocations needed in a shared library. There have also been some documentation
63    updates, in particular, some more information about using CMake to build PCRE
64    has been added to the NON-UNIX-USE file.
67    Release 7.3 28-Aug-07
68  ---------------------  ---------------------
70  Most changes are bug fixes. Some that are not:  Most changes are bug fixes. Some that are not:
# Line 17  Most changes are bug fixes. Some that ar Line 79  Most changes are bug fixes. Some that ar
79     consequence there is no longer a hard limit on the size of a subpattern that     consequence there is no longer a hard limit on the size of a subpattern that
80     has a limited repeat count.     has a limited repeat count.
82    4. When CRLF is a valid line-ending sequence, pcre_exec() and pcre_dfa_exec()
83       no longer advance by two characters instead of one when an unanchored match
84       fails at CRLF if there are explicit CR or LF matches within the pattern.
85       This gets rid of some anomalous effects that previously occurred.
87    5. Some PCRE-specific settings for varying the newline options at the start of
88       a pattern have been added.
91  Release 7.2 19-Jun-07  Release 7.2 19-Jun-07
92  ---------------------  ---------------------

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