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revision 122 by ph10, Mon Mar 12 15:10:25 2007 UTC revision 228 by ph10, Tue Aug 28 13:37:37 2007 UTC
# Line 2  News about PCRE releases Line 2  News about PCRE releases
2  ------------------------  ------------------------
5  Release 7.1 12-Mar-07  Release 7.3 28-Aug-07
6  ---------------------  ---------------------
8  There are no new features in this release. A few bugs are fixed (see ChangeLog  Most changes are bug fixes. Some that are not:
9  for details), but the major change is a complete re-implementation of the build  
10  system. This now has full Autotools support and so is now "standard" in some  1. There is some support for Perl 5.10's experimental "backtracking control
11  sense. It should help with compiling PCRE in a wide variety of environments.     verbs" such as (*PRUNE).
13    2. UTF-8 checking is now as per RFC 3629 instead of RFC 2279; this is more
14       restrictive in the strings it accepts.
16    3. Checking for potential integer overflow has been made more dynamic, and as a
17       consequence there is no longer a hard limit on the size of a subpattern that
18       has a limited repeat count.
20    4. When CRLF is a valid line-ending sequence, pcre_exec() and pcre_dfa_exec()
21       no longer advance by two characters instead of one when an unanchored match
22       fails at CRLF if there are explicit CR or LF matches within the pattern.
23       This gets rid of some anomalous effects that previously occurred.
25    5. Some PCRE-specific settings for varying the newline options at the start of
26       a pattern have been added.
29    Release 7.2 19-Jun-07
30    ---------------------
32    WARNING: saved patterns that were compiled by earlier versions of PCRE must be
33    recompiled for use with 7.2 (necessitated by the addition of \K, \h, \H, \v,
34    and \V).
36    Correction to the notes for 7.1: the note about shared libraries for Windows is
37    wrong. Previously, three libraries were built, but each could function
38    independently. For example, the pcreposix library also included all the
39    functions from the basic pcre library. The change is that the three libraries
40    are no longer independent. They are like the Unix libraries. To use the
41    pcreposix functions, for example, you need to link with both the pcreposix and
42    the basic pcre library.
44    Some more features from Perl 5.10 have been added:
46      (?-n) and (?+n) relative references for recursion and subroutines.
48      (?(-n) and (?(+n) relative references as conditions.
50      \k{name} and \g{name} are synonyms for \k<name>.
52      \K to reset the start of the matched string; for example, (foo)\Kbar
53      matches bar preceded by foo, but only sets bar as the matched string.
55      (?| introduces a group where the capturing parentheses in each alternative
56      start from the same number; for example, (?|(abc)|(xyz)) sets capturing
57      parentheses number 1 in both cases.
59      \h, \H, \v, \V match horizontal and vertical whitespace, respectively.
62    Release 7.1 24-Apr-07
63    ---------------------
65    There is only one new feature in this release: a linebreak setting of
66    PCRE_NEWLINE_ANYCRLF. It is a cut-down version of PCRE_NEWLINE_ANY, which
67    recognizes only CRLF, CR, and LF as linebreaks.
69    A few bugs are fixed (see ChangeLog for details), but the major change is a
70    complete re-implementation of the build system. This now has full Autotools
71    support and so is now "standard" in some sense. It should help with compiling
72    PCRE in a wide variety of environments.
74    NOTE: when building shared libraries for Windows, three dlls are now built,
75    called libpcre, libpcreposix, and libpcrecpp. Previously, everything was
76    included in a single dll.
78    Another important change is that the dftables auxiliary program is no longer
79    compiled and run at "make" time by default. Instead, a default set of character
80    tables (assuming ASCII coding) is used. If you want to use dftables to generate
81    the character tables as previously, add --enable-rebuild-chartables to the
82    "configure" command. You must do this if you are compiling PCRE to run on a
83    system that uses EBCDIC code.
85    There is a discussion about character tables in the README file. The default is
86    not to use dftables so that that there is no problem when cross-compiling.
89  Release 7.0 19-Dec-06  Release 7.0 19-Dec-06

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