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1  News about PCRE releases  News about PCRE releases
2  ------------------------  ------------------------
4    Release 3.5 15-Aug-01
5    ---------------------
7    1. The configuring system has been upgraded to use later versions of autoconf
8    and libtool. By default it builds both a shared and a static library if the OS
9    supports it. You can use --disable-shared or --disable-static on the configure
10    command if you want only one of them.
12    2. The pcretest utility is now installed along with pcregrep because it is
13    useful for users (to test regexs) and by doing this, it automatically gets
14    relinked by libtool. The documentation has been turned into a man page, so
15    there are now .1, .txt, and .html versions in /doc.
17    3. Upgrades to pcregrep:
18       (i)   Added long-form option names like gnu grep.
19       (ii)  Added --help to list all options with an explanatory phrase.
20       (iii) Added -r, --recursive to recurse into sub-directories.
21       (iv)  Added -f, --file to read patterns from a file.
23    4. Added --enable-newline-is-cr and --enable-newline-is-lf to the configure
24    script, to force use of CR or LF instead of \n in the source. On non-Unix
25    systems, the value can be set in config.h.
27    5. The limit of 200 on non-capturing parentheses is a _nesting_ limit, not an
28    absolute limit. Changed the text of the error message to make this clear, and
29    likewise updated the man page.
31    6. The limit of 99 on the number of capturing subpatterns has been removed.
32    The new limit is 65535, which I hope will not be a "real" limit.
35  Release 3.3 01-Aug-00  Release 3.3 01-Aug-00
36  ---------------------  ---------------------

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