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1  News about PCRE releases  News about PCRE releases
2  ------------------------  ------------------------
4  Release 8.30  Release 8.32 xx-xxxx-2012
5  ------------  -------------------------
7    .  A number of issues in pcregrep have been fixed, making it more compatible
8       with GNU grep. In particular, --exclude and --include (and variants) apply
9       to all files now, not just those obtained from scanning a directory
10       recursively. In Windows environments, the default action for directories is
11       now "skip" instead of "read" (which provokes an error).
14    Release 8.31 06-July-2012
15    -------------------------
17    This is mainly a bug-fixing release, with a small number of developments:
19    . The JIT compiler now supports partial matching and the (*MARK) and
20      (*COMMIT) verbs.
22    . PCRE_INFO_MAXLOOKBEHIND can be used to find the longest lookbehind in a
23      pattern.
25    . There should be a performance improvement when using the heap instead of the
26      stack for recursion.
28    . pcregrep can now be linked with libedit as an alternative to libreadline.
30    . pcregrep now has a --file-list option where the list of files to scan is
31      given as a file.
33    . pcregrep now recognizes binary files and there are related options.
35    . The Unicode tables have been updated to 6.1.0.
37    As always, the full list of changes is in the ChangeLog file.
40    Release 8.30 04-February-2012
41    -----------------------------
43  Release 8.30 introduces a major new feature: support for 16-bit character  Release 8.30 introduces a major new feature: support for 16-bit character
44  strings, compiled as a separate library. There are no new features in the 8-bit  strings, compiled as a separate library. There are a few changes to the
45  library, but some bugs have been mended. However, note that the pcre_info()  8-bit library, in addition to some bug fixes.
46  function, which has been obsolete for over 10 years, has been removed.  
47    . The pcre_info() function, which has been obsolete for over 10 years, has
48      been removed.
50    . When a compiled pattern was saved to a file and later reloaded on a host
51      with different endianness, PCRE used automatically to swap the bytes in some
52      of the data fields. With the advent of the 16-bit library, where more of this
53      swapping is needed, it is no longer done automatically. Instead, the bad
54      endianness is detected and a specific error is given. The user can then call
55      a new function called pcre_pattern_to_host_byte_order() (or an equivalent
56      16-bit function) to do the swap.
58    . In UTF-8 mode, the values 0xd800 to 0xdfff are not legal Unicode
59      code points and are now faulted. (They are the so-called "surrogates"
60      that are reserved for coding high values in UTF-16.)
63  Release 8.21 12-Dec-2011  Release 8.21 12-Dec-2011

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