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1  News about PCRE releases  News about PCRE releases
2  ------------------------  ------------------------
4  Release 8.11 24-Nov-2010  Release 8.30
5    ------------
7    Release 8.30 introduces a major new feature: support for 16-bit character
8    strings, compiled as a separate library. There are a few changes to the
9    8-bit library, in addition to some bug fixes.
11    . The pcre_info() function, which has been obsolete for over 10 years, has
12      been removed.
14    . When a compiled pattern was saved to a file and later reloaded on a host
15      with different endianness, PCRE used automatically to swap the bytes in some
16      of the data fields. With the advent of the 16-bit library, where more of this
17      swapping is needed, it is no longer done automatically. Instead, the bad
18      endianness is detected and a specific error is given. The user can then call
19      a new function called pcre_pattern_to_host_byte_order() (or an equivalent
20      16-bit function) to do the swap.
22    . In UTF-8 mode, the values 0xd800 to 0xdfff are not legal Unicode
23      code points and are now faulted. (They are the so-called "surrogates"
24      that are reserved for coding high values in UTF-16.)
27    Release 8.21 12-Dec-2011
28    ------------------------
30    This is almost entirely a bug-fix release. The only new feature is the ability
31    to obtain the size of the memory used by the JIT compiler.
34    Release 8.20 21-Oct-2011
35    ------------------------
37    The main change in this release is the inclusion of Zoltan Herczeg's
38    just-in-time compiler support, which can be accessed by building PCRE with
39    --enable-jit. Large performance benefits can be had in many situations. 8.20
40    also fixes an unfortunate bug that was introduced in 8.13 as well as tidying up
41    a number of infelicities and differences from Perl.
44    Release 8.13 16-Aug-2011
45    ------------------------
47    This is mainly a bug-fix release. There has been a lot of internal refactoring.
48    The Unicode tables have been updated. The only new feature in the library is
49    the passing of *MARK information to callouts. Some additions have been made to
50    pcretest to make testing easier and more comprehensive. There is a new option
51    for pcregrep to adjust its internal buffer size.
54    Release 8.12 15-Jan-2011
55    ------------------------
57    This release fixes some bugs in pcregrep, one of which caused the tests to fail
58    on 64-bit big-endian systems. There are no changes to the code of the library.
61    Release 8.11 10-Dec-2010
62  ------------------------  ------------------------
64  A number of bugs in the library and in pcregrep have been fixed. As always, see  A number of bugs in the library and in pcregrep have been fixed. As always, see

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