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revision 415 by ph10, Sat Apr 11 14:22:17 2009 UTC revision 461 by ph10, Mon Oct 5 10:59:35 2009 UTC
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1  News about PCRE releases  News about PCRE releases
2  ------------------------  ------------------------
4    Release 8.00 05-Oct-09
5    ----------------------
7    Bugs have been fixed in the library and in pcregrep. There are also some
8    enhancements. Restrictions on patterns used for partial matching have been
9    removed, extra information is given for partial matches, the partial matching
10    process has been improved, and an option to make a partial match override a
11    full match is available. The "study" process has been enhanced by finding a
12    lower bound matching length. Groups with duplicate numbers may now have
13    duplicated names without the use of PCRE_DUPNAMES. However, they may not have
14    different names. The documentation has been revised to reflect these changes.
15    The version number has been expanded to 3 digits as it is clear that the rate
16    of change is not slowing down.
19  Release 7.9 11-Apr-09  Release 7.9 11-Apr-09
20  ---------------------  ---------------------

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