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1  News about PCRE releases  News about PCRE releases
2  ------------------------  ------------------------
4    Release 8.32 12-November-2012
5    -----------------------------
7    This release fixes a number of bugs, but also has some new features. These are
8    the highlights:
10    .  There is now support for 32-bit character strings and UTF-32. Like the
11       16-bit support, this is done by compiling a separate 32-bit library.
13    .  \X now matches a Unicode extended grapheme cluster.
15    .  Case-independent matching of Unicode characters that have more than one
16       "other case" now makes all three (or more) characters equivalent. This
17       applies, for example, to Greek Sigma, which has two lowercase versions.
19    .  Unicode character properties are updated to Unicode 6.2.0.
21    .  The EBCDIC support, which had decayed, has had a spring clean.
23    .  A number of JIT optimizations have been added, which give faster JIT
24       execution speed. In addition, a new direct interface to JIT execution is
25       available. This bypasses some of the sanity checks of pcre_exec() to give a
26       noticeable speed-up.
28    .  A number of issues in pcregrep have been fixed, making it more compatible
29       with GNU grep. In particular, --exclude and --include (and variants) apply
30       to all files now, not just those obtained from scanning a directory
31       recursively. In Windows environments, the default action for directories is
32       now "skip" instead of "read" (which provokes an error).
34    .  If the --only-matching (-o) option in pcregrep is specified multiple
35       times, each one causes appropriate output. For example, -o1 -o2 outputs the
36       substrings matched by the 1st and 2nd capturing parentheses. A separating
37       string can be specified by --om-separator (default empty).
39    .  When PCRE is built via Autotools using a version of gcc that has the
40       "visibility" feature, it is used to hide internal library functions that are
41       not part of the public API.
44  Release 8.31 06-July-2012  Release 8.31 06-July-2012
45  -------------------------  -------------------------

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