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1  News about PCRE releases  News about PCRE releases
2  ------------------------  ------------------------
4    Release 6.0 07-Jun-05
5    ---------------------
7    The release number has been increased to 6.0 because of the addition of several
8    major new pieces of functionality.
10    A new function, pcre_dfa_exec(), which implements pattern matching using a DFA
11    algorithm, has been added. This has a number of advantages for certain cases,
12    though it does run more slowly, and lacks the ability to capture substrings. On
13    the other hand, it does find all matches, not just the first, and it works
14    better for partial matching. The pcrematching man page discusses the
15    differences.
17    The pcretest program has been enhanced so that it can make use of the new
18    pcre_dfa_exec() matching function and the extra features it provides.
20    The distribution now includes a C++ wrapper library. This is built
21    automatically if a C++ compiler is found. The pcrecpp man page discusses this
22    interface.
24    The code itself has been re-organized into many more files, one for each
25    function, so it no longer requires everything to be linked in when static
26    linkage is used. As a consequence, some internal functions have had to have
27    their names exposed. These functions all have names starting with _pcre_. They
28    are undocumented, and are not intended for use by outside callers.
30    The pcregrep program has been enhanced with new functionality such as
31    multiline-matching and options for output more matching context. See the
32    ChangeLog for a complete list of changes to the library and the utility
33    programs.
36  Release 5.0 13-Sep-04  Release 5.0 13-Sep-04
37  ---------------------  ---------------------

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