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revision 96 by nigel, Fri Mar 2 13:10:43 2007 UTC revision 249 by ph10, Mon Sep 17 10:33:10 2007 UTC
# Line 1  Line 1 
1  rem This file was contributed by Ralf Junker.  @rem  This file was contributed by Ralf Junker, and touched up by
2  rem  @rem  Daniel Richard G. Test 10 added by Philip H.
3  rem MS Windows batch file to run pcretest on testfiles with the correct options.  @rem  Philip H also changed test 3 to use "wintest" files.
4  rem  @rem
5  rem Assumes that this file as well as pcretest.exe is located in the PCRE root folder.  @rem  MS Windows batch file to run pcretest on testfiles with the correct
6  rem  @rem  options.
7  rem Output written to a newly generated subfolder named "testdata".  @rem
8    @rem  Output is written to a newly created subfolder named "testdata".
10  if not exist .\testout\ md .\testout\  setlocal
12  pcretest -q      testdata\testinput1 > testout\testoutput1  if [%srcdir%]==[]   set srcdir=.
13  pcretest -q      testdata\testinput2 > testout\testoutput2  if [%pcretest%]==[] set pcretest=pcretest
 pcretest -q      testdata\testinput3 > testout\testoutput3  
 pcretest -q      testdata\testinput4 > testout\testoutput4  
 pcretest -q      testdata\testinput5 > testout\testoutput5  
 pcretest -q      testdata\testinput6 > testout\testoutput6  
 pcretest -q -dfa testdata\testinput7 > testout\testoutput7  
 pcretest -q -dfa testdata\testinput8 > testout\testoutput8  
 pcretest -q -dfa testdata\testinput9 > testout\testoutput9  
15    if not exist testout md testout
17    %pcretest% -q      %srcdir%\testdata\testinput1 > testout\testoutput1
18    %pcretest% -q      %srcdir%\testdata\testinput2 > testout\testoutput2
19    @rem %pcretest% -q      %srcdir%\testdata\testinput3 > testout\testoutput3
20    %pcretest% -q      %srcdir%\testdata\wintestinput3 > testout\wintestoutput3
21    %pcretest% -q      %srcdir%\testdata\testinput4 > testout\testoutput4
22    %pcretest% -q      %srcdir%\testdata\testinput5 > testout\testoutput5
23    %pcretest% -q      %srcdir%\testdata\testinput6 > testout\testoutput6
24    %pcretest% -q -dfa %srcdir%\testdata\testinput7 > testout\testoutput7
25    %pcretest% -q -dfa %srcdir%\testdata\testinput8 > testout\testoutput8
26    %pcretest% -q -dfa %srcdir%\testdata\testinput9 > testout\testoutput9
27    %pcretest% -q      %srcdir%\testdata\testinput10 > testout\testoutput10
29    fc /n %srcdir%\testdata\testoutput1 testout\testoutput1
30    fc /n %srcdir%\testdata\testoutput2 testout\testoutput2
31    rem fc /n %srcdir%\testdata\testoutput3 testout\testoutput3
32    fc /n %srcdir%\testdata\wintestoutput3 testout\wintestoutput3
33    fc /n %srcdir%\testdata\testoutput4 testout\testoutput4
34    fc /n %srcdir%\testdata\testoutput5 testout\testoutput5
35    fc /n %srcdir%\testdata\testoutput6 testout\testoutput6
36    fc /n %srcdir%\testdata\testoutput7 testout\testoutput7
37    fc /n %srcdir%\testdata\testoutput8 testout\testoutput8
38    fc /n %srcdir%\testdata\testoutput9 testout\testoutput9
39    fc /n %srcdir%\testdata\testoutput10 testout\testoutput10

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