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Sat Feb 24 21:39:29 2007 UTC (14 years, 7 months ago) by nigel
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Load pcre-3.2 into code/trunk.
2 /* On Unix systems config.in is converted by configure into config.h. PCRE is
3 written in Standard C, but there are a few non-standard things it can cope
4 with, allowing it to run on SunOS4 and other "close to standard" systems.
6 On a non-Unix system you should just copy this file into config.h and change
7 the definitions of HAVE_STRERROR and HAVE_MEMMOVE to 1. Unfortunately, because
8 of the way autoconf works, these cannot be made the defaults. If your system
9 has bcopy() and not memmove(), change the definition of HAVE_BCOPY instead of
10 HAVE_MEMMOVE. If your system has neither bcopy() nor memmove(), leave them both
11 as 0; an emulation function will be used. */
13 /* Define to empty if the keyword does not work. */
15 #undef const
17 /* Define to `unsigned' if <stddef.h> doesn't define size_t. */
19 #undef size_t
21 /* The following two definitions are mainly for the benefit of SunOS4, which
22 doesn't have the strerror() or memmove() functions that should be present in
23 all Standard C libraries. The macros HAVE_STRERROR and HAVE_MEMMOVE should
24 normally be defined with the value 1 for other systems, but unfortunately we
25 can't make this the default because "configure" files generated by autoconf
26 will only change 0 to 1; they won't change 1 to 0 if the functions are not
27 found. If HAVE_MEMMOVE is set to 1, the value of HAVE_BCOPY is not relevant. */
29 #define HAVE_STRERROR 0
30 #define HAVE_MEMMOVE 0
31 #define HAVE_BCOPY 0
33 /* End */

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