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revision 53 by nigel, Sat Feb 24 21:39:42 2007 UTC revision 63 by nigel, Sat Feb 24 21:40:03 2007 UTC
# Line 44  On Unix systems, "configure" can be used Line 44  On Unix systems, "configure" can be used
44  #define NEWLINE '\n'  #define NEWLINE '\n'
45  #endif  #endif
47    /* The value of LINK_SIZE determines the number of bytes used to store
48    links as offsets within the compiled regex. The default is 2, which allows for
49    compiled patterns up to 64K long. This covers the vast majority of cases.
50    However, PCRE can also be compiled to use 3 or 4 bytes instead. This allows for
51    longer patterns in extreme cases. On Unix systems, "configure" can be used to
52    override this default. */
54    #ifndef LINK_SIZE
55    #define LINK_SIZE   2
56    #endif
58    /* The value of MATCH_LIMIT determines the default number of times the match()
59    function can be called during a single execution of pcre_exec(). (There is a
60    runtime method of setting a different limit.) The limit exists in order to
61    catch runaway regular expressions that take for ever to determine that they do
62    not match. The default is set very large so that it does not accidentally catch
63    legitimate cases. On Unix systems, "configure" can be used to override this
64    default default. */
66    #ifndef MATCH_LIMIT
67    #define MATCH_LIMIT 10000000
68    #endif
70  /* End */  /* End */

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