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revision 91 by nigel, Sat Feb 24 21:41:34 2007 UTC revision 96 by nigel, Fri Mar 2 13:10:43 2007 UTC
# Line 38  The available codes are: Line 38  The available codes are:
38    PCRE_CONFIG_MATCH_LIMIT   Internal resource limit    PCRE_CONFIG_MATCH_LIMIT   Internal resource limit
40                              Internal recursion depth limit                              Internal recursion depth limit
41    PCRE_CONFIG_NEWLINE       Value of the newline sequence    PCRE_CONFIG_NEWLINE       Value of the newline sequence:
42                                    13 (0x000d)    for CR
43                                    10 (0x000a)    for LF
44                                  3338 (0x0d0a)    for CRLF
45                                    -1             for ANY
47                              Threshold of return slots, above                              Threshold of return slots, above
48                                which <b>malloc()</b> is used by                                which <b>malloc()</b> is used by

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