--- code/trunk/doc/html/pcre_exec.html 2007/02/24 21:41:21 87 +++ code/trunk/doc/html/pcre_exec.html 2007/02/24 21:41:34 91 @@ -45,6 +45,9 @@ The options are:
   PCRE_ANCHORED      Match only at the first position
+  PCRE_NEWLINE_CR    Set CR as the newline sequence
+  PCRE_NEWLINE_CRLF  Set CRLF as the newline sequence
+  PCRE_NEWLINE_LF    Set LF as the newline sequence
   PCRE_NOTBOL        Subject is not the beginning of a line
   PCRE_NOTEOL        Subject is not the end of a line
   PCRE_NOTEMPTY      An empty string is not a valid match