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1 <html>
2 <head>
3 <title>pcre_study specification</title>
4 </head>
5 <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#00005A" link="#0066FF" alink="#3399FF" vlink="#2222BB">
6 <h1>pcre_study man page</h1>
7 <p>
8 Return to the <a href="index.html">PCRE index page</a>.
9 </p>
10 <p>
11 This page is part of the PCRE HTML documentation. It was generated automatically
12 from the original man page. If there is any nonsense in it, please consult the
13 man page, in case the conversion went wrong.
14 <br>
15 <br><b>
17 </b><br>
18 <P>
19 <b>#include &#60;pcre.h&#62;</b>
20 </P>
21 <P>
22 <b>pcre_extra *pcre_study(const pcre *<i>code</i>, int <i>options</i>,</b>
23 <b>const char **<i>errptr</i>);</b>
24 </P>
25 <br><b>
27 </b><br>
28 <P>
29 This function studies a compiled pattern, to see if additional information can
30 be extracted that might speed up matching. Its arguments are:
31 <pre>
32 <i>code</i> A compiled regular expression
33 <i>options</i> Options for <b>pcre_study()</b>
34 <i>errptr</i> Where to put an error message
35 </pre>
36 If the function succeeds, it returns a value that can be passed to
37 <b>pcre_exec()</b> via its <i>extra</i> argument.
38 </P>
39 <P>
40 If the function returns NULL, either it could not find any additional
41 information, or there was an error. You can tell the difference by looking at
42 the error value. It is NULL in first case.
43 </P>
44 <P>
45 There are currently no options defined; the value of the second argument should
46 always be zero.
47 </P>
48 <P>
49 There is a complete description of the PCRE native API in the
50 <a href="pcreapi.html"><b>pcreapi</b></a>
51 page and a description of the POSIX API in the
52 <a href="pcreposix.html"><b>pcreposix</b></a>
53 page.
54 <p>
55 Return to the <a href="index.html">PCRE index page</a>.
56 </p>


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