--- code/trunk/doc/html/pcreapi.html 2007/06/13 15:09:54 182 +++ code/trunk/doc/html/pcreapi.html 2007/07/31 10:50:18 197 @@ -961,7 +961,10 @@ Return a copy of the options with which the pattern was compiled. The fourth argument should point to an unsigned long int variable. These option bits are those specified in the call to pcre_compile(), modified by any -top-level option settings within the pattern itself. +top-level option settings at the start of the pattern itself. In other words, +they are the options that will be in force when matching starts. For example, +if the pattern /(?im)abc(?-i)d/ is compiled with the PCRE_EXTENDED option, the +result is PCRE_CASELESS, PCRE_MULTILINE, and PCRE_EXTENDED.

A pattern is automatically anchored by PCRE if all of its top-level @@ -1484,20 +1487,12 @@ field in a pcre_extra structure (or defaulted) was reached. See the description above.

-When a group that can match an empty substring is repeated with an unbounded -upper limit, the subject position at the start of the group must be remembered, -so that a test for an empty string can be made when the end of the group is -reached. Some workspace is required for this; if it runs out, this error is -given. -
An invalid combination of PCRE_NEWLINE_xxx options was given.

-Error numbers -16 to -20 are not used by pcre_exec(). +Error numbers -16 to -20 and -22 are not used by pcre_exec().


@@ -1876,7 +1871,7 @@


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