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revision 974 by ph10, Sat Jan 21 16:37:17 2012 UTC revision 975 by ph10, Sat Jun 2 11:03:06 2012 UTC
# Line 192  supported: Line 192  supported:
192     PCRE_DOTALL           dot matches newlines        /s     PCRE_DOTALL           dot matches newlines        /s
193     PCRE_DOLLAR_ENDONLY   $ matches only at end       N/A     PCRE_DOLLAR_ENDONLY   $ matches only at end       N/A
194     PCRE_EXTRA            strict escape parsing       N/A     PCRE_EXTRA            strict escape parsing       N/A
195     PCRE_EXTENDED         ignore whitespaces          /x     PCRE_EXTENDED         ignore white spaces         /x
196     PCRE_UTF8             handles UTF8 chars          built-in     PCRE_UTF8             handles UTF8 chars          built-in
197     PCRE_UNGREEDY         reverses * and *?           N/A     PCRE_UNGREEDY         reverses * and *?           N/A
198     PCRE_NO_AUTO_CAPTURE  disables capturing parens   N/A (*)     PCRE_NO_AUTO_CAPTURE  disables capturing parens   N/A (*)

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