--- code/trunk/doc/html/pcreposix.html 2007/02/24 21:40:15 68 +++ code/trunk/doc/html/pcreposix.html 2007/02/24 21:40:18 69 @@ -62,7 +62,9 @@ When PCRE is called via these functions, it is only the API that is POSIX-like in style. The syntax and semantics of the regular expressions themselves are still those of Perl, subject to the setting of various PCRE options, as -described below. +described below. "POSIX-like in style" means that the API approximates to the +POSIX definition; it is not fully POSIX-compatible, and in multi-byte encoding +domains it is probably even less compatible.

The header for these functions is supplied as pcreposix.h to avoid any