--- code/trunk/doc/html/pcrestack.html 2007/06/13 14:55:18 181 +++ code/trunk/doc/html/pcrestack.html 2007/06/13 15:09:54 182 @@ -83,7 +83,13 @@ makes it run a lot more slowly, however. Details of how to do this are given in the pcrebuild -documentation. +documentation. When built in this way, instead of using the stack, PCRE obtains +and frees memory by calling the functions that are pointed to by the +pcre_stack_malloc and pcre_stack_free variables. By default, these +point to malloc() and free(), but you can replace the pointers to +cause PCRE to use your own functions. Since the block sizes are always the +same, and are always freed in reverse order, it may be possible to implement +customized memory handlers that are more efficient than the standard functions.

In Unix-like environments, there is not often a problem with the stack unless @@ -139,7 +145,7 @@ REVISION

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