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# Line 32  man page, in case the conversion went wr Line 32  man page, in case the conversion went wr
32  <li><a name="TOC17" href="#SEC17">BACKREFERENCES</a>  <li><a name="TOC17" href="#SEC17">BACKREFERENCES</a>
34  <li><a name="TOC19" href="#SEC19">CONDITIONAL PATTERNS</a>  <li><a name="TOC19" href="#SEC19">CONDITIONAL PATTERNS</a>
35  <li><a name="TOC20" href="#SEC20">CALLOUTS</a>  <li><a name="TOC20" href="#SEC20">BACKTRACKING CONTROL</a>
36  <li><a name="TOC21" href="#SEC21">SEE ALSO</a>  <li><a name="TOC21" href="#SEC21">CALLOUTS</a>
37  <li><a name="TOC22" href="#SEC22">AUTHOR</a>  <li><a name="TOC22" href="#SEC22">SEE ALSO</a>
38  <li><a name="TOC23" href="#SEC23">REVISION</a>  <li><a name="TOC23" href="#SEC23">AUTHOR</a>
39    <li><a name="TOC24" href="#SEC24">REVISION</a>
40  </ul>  </ul>
41  <br><a name="SEC1" href="#TOC1">PCRE REGULAR EXPRESSION SYNTAX SUMMARY</a><br>  <br><a name="SEC1" href="#TOC1">PCRE REGULAR EXPRESSION SYNTAX SUMMARY</a><br>
42  <P>  <P>
# Line 375  Each top-level branch of a look behind m Line 376  Each top-level branch of a look behind m
376    (?(assert)...  assertion condition    (?(assert)...  assertion condition
377  </PRE>  </PRE>
378  </P>  </P>
379  <br><a name="SEC20" href="#TOC1">CALLOUTS</a><br>  <br><a name="SEC20" href="#TOC1">BACKTRACKING CONTROL</a><br>
380    <P>
381    The following act immediately they are reached:
382    <pre>
383      (*ACCEPT)      force successful match
384      (*FAIL)        force backtrack; synonym (*F)
385    </pre>
386    The following act only when a subsequent match failure causes a backtrack to
387    reach them. They all force a match failure, but they differ in what happens
388    afterwards. Those that advance the start-of-match point do so only if the
389    pattern is not anchored.
390    <pre>
391      (*COMMIT)      overall failure, no advance of starting point
392      (*PRUNE)       advance to next starting character
393      (*SKIP)        advance start to current matching position
394      (*THEN)        local failure, backtrack to next alternation
395    </PRE>
396    </P>
397    <br><a name="SEC21" href="#TOC1">CALLOUTS</a><br>
398  <P>  <P>
399  <pre>  <pre>
400    (?C)      callout    (?C)      callout
401    (?Cn)     callout with data n    (?Cn)     callout with data n
402  </PRE>  </PRE>
403  </P>  </P>
404  <br><a name="SEC21" href="#TOC1">SEE ALSO</a><br>  <br><a name="SEC22" href="#TOC1">SEE ALSO</a><br>
405  <P>  <P>
406  <b>pcrepattern</b>(3), <b>pcreapi</b>(3), <b>pcrecallout</b>(3),  <b>pcrepattern</b>(3), <b>pcreapi</b>(3), <b>pcrecallout</b>(3),
407  <b>pcrematching</b>(3), <b>pcre</b>(3).  <b>pcrematching</b>(3), <b>pcre</b>(3).
408  </P>  </P>
409  <br><a name="SEC22" href="#TOC1">AUTHOR</a><br>  <br><a name="SEC23" href="#TOC1">AUTHOR</a><br>
410  <P>  <P>
411  Philip Hazel  Philip Hazel
412  <br>  <br>
# Line 396  University Computing Service Line 415  University Computing Service
415  Cambridge CB2 3QH, England.  Cambridge CB2 3QH, England.
416  <br>  <br>
417  </P>  </P>
418  <br><a name="SEC23" href="#TOC1">REVISION</a><br>  <br><a name="SEC24" href="#TOC1">REVISION</a><br>
419  <P>  <P>
420  Last updated: 06 August 2007  Last updated: 08 August 2007
421  <br>  <br>
422  Copyright &copy; 1997-2007 University of Cambridge.  Copyright &copy; 1997-2007 University of Cambridge.
423  <br>  <br>

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