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code/trunk/Index.html revision 111 by ph10, Thu Mar 8 16:53:09 2007 UTC code/trunk/doc/index.html.src revision 127 by ph10, Mon Mar 19 11:44:45 2007 UTC
# Line 1  Line 1 
1  <html>  <html>
2    <!-- This is a manually maintained file that is the root of the HTML version of
3         the PCRE documentation. When the HTML documents are built from the man
4         page versions, the entire doc/html directory is emptied, this file is then
5         copied into doc/html/index.html, and the remaining files therein are
6         created by the 132html script.
7    -->
8  <head>  <head>
9  <title>PCRE specification</title>  <title>PCRE specification</title>
10  </head>  </head>

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