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Tue Mar 6 12:27:42 2007 UTC (14 years, 2 months ago) by ph10
File size: 1999 byte(s)
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1. Move the comment about version numbers from pcre.h.in to configure.ac 
because that's where they are now set.
2. Update all the man pages to remove the use of .br and .in because this
causes trouble for some HTML converters. Also standardised the final sections 
giving author information and revision date.
3. Update the maintain/132html man page converter to handle .nf/.fi and to barf 
at .br/.in.
3 PCRE - Perl-compatible regular expressions
5 .rs
6 .sp
7 .B #include <pcre.h>
8 .PP
9 .SM
10 .B int pcre_fullinfo(const pcre *\fIcode\fP, "const pcre_extra *\fIextra\fP,"
11 .ti +5n
12 .B int \fIwhat\fP, void *\fIwhere\fP);
13 .
15 .rs
16 .sp
17 This function returns information about a compiled pattern. Its arguments are:
18 .sp
19 \fIcode\fP Compiled regular expression
20 \fIextra\fP Result of \fBpcre_study()\fP or NULL
21 \fIwhat\fP What information is required
22 \fIwhere\fP Where to put the information
23 .sp
24 The following information is available:
25 .sp
26 PCRE_INFO_BACKREFMAX Number of highest back reference
27 PCRE_INFO_CAPTURECOUNT Number of capturing subpatterns
28 PCRE_INFO_DEFAULT_TABLES Pointer to default tables
29 PCRE_INFO_FIRSTBYTE Fixed first byte for a match, or
30 -1 for start of string
31 or after newline, or
32 -2 otherwise
33 PCRE_INFO_FIRSTTABLE Table of first bytes
34 (after studying)
35 PCRE_INFO_LASTLITERAL Literal last byte required
36 PCRE_INFO_NAMECOUNT Number of named subpatterns
37 PCRE_INFO_NAMEENTRYSIZE Size of name table entry
38 PCRE_INFO_NAMETABLE Pointer to name table
39 PCRE_INFO_OPTIONS Option bits used for compilation
40 PCRE_INFO_SIZE Size of compiled pattern
41 PCRE_INFO_STUDYSIZE Size of study data
42 .sp
43 The yield of the function is zero on success or:
44 .sp
45 PCRE_ERROR_NULL the argument \fIcode\fP was NULL
46 the argument \fIwhere\fP was NULL
47 PCRE_ERROR_BADMAGIC the "magic number" was not found
48 PCRE_ERROR_BADOPTION the value of \fIwhat\fP was invalid
49 .P
50 There is a complete description of the PCRE native API in the
51 .\" HREF
52 \fBpcreapi\fP
53 .\"
54 page and a description of the POSIX API in the
55 .\" HREF
56 \fBpcreposix\fP
57 .\"
58 page.


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