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revision 155 by ph10, Tue Apr 24 13:36:11 2007 UTC revision 181 by ph10, Wed Jun 13 14:55:18 2007 UTC
# Line 117  usual way. Line 117  usual way.
118  .rs  .rs
119  .sp  .sp
120  The layout of the control block that is at the start of the data that makes up  In general, it is safest to recompile all saved patterns when you update to a
121  a compiled pattern was changed for release 5.0. If you have any saved patterns  new PCRE release, though not all updates actually require this. Recompiling is
122  that were compiled with previous releases (not a facility that was previously  definitely needed for release 7.2.
 advertised), you will have to recompile them for release 5.0 and above.  
 If you have any saved patterns in UTF-8 mode that use \ep or \eP that were  
 compiled with any release up to and including 6.4, you will have to recompile  
 them for release 6.5 and above.  
 All saved patterns from earlier releases must be recompiled for release 7.0 or  
 higher, because there was an internal reorganization at that release.  
123  .  .
124  .  .
125  .  .
# Line 145  Cambridge CB2 3QH, England. Line 137  Cambridge CB2 3QH, England.
137  .rs  .rs
138  .sp  .sp
139  .nf  .nf
140  Last updated: 24 April 2007  Last updated: 13 June 2007
141  Copyright (c) 1997-2007 University of Cambridge.  Copyright (c) 1997-2007 University of Cambridge.
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