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ucptestdata/  1044  9 years  ph10  Update MultiStage2.py to create new case-folding information in the Unicode tab…
Unicode.tables/  1490  7 years  chpe  Update to Unicode 7.0.0 release
pcre_chartables.c.non-standard  539  11 years  ph10  A more correct fix for the chartables bug with UTF-8 and non-std tables.
utf8.c  946  9 years  ph10  Tidy up this developer's test program and add more descriptive comments.
ucptest.c  1490  7 years  chpe  Update to Unicode 7.0.0 release
GenerateUtt.py  1490  7 years  chpe  Update to Unicode 7.0.0 release
MultiStage2.py  1688  4 years  ph10  Fix Unicode property crash for 32-bit characters greater than 0x10ffff.
ManyConfigTests  1703  4 years  ph10  File tidies for 8.41-RC1 release.
README  1766  3 months  ph10  Final source tidies for 8.45 release.


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