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Mon Mar 5 12:36:47 2007 UTC (14 years, 7 months ago) by ph10
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Applied Bob and Daniel's patches to convert the build system to automake. Added 
the maintain directory, containing files that are used for maintenance, but are 
not distributed. This is an intermediate step.
1 The files in the "maintain" directory of the PCRE source contain data, scripts,
2 and programs that are used for the maintenance of PCRE, but do not form part of
3 the PCRE distribution tarballs. There are various file names in the scripts and
4 programs; they assume that the pcre directory is current.
6 132html A Perl script that converts a .1 or .3 man page into HTML.
8 Builducptable A Perl script that creates the contents of the ucptable.h file
9 from two Unicode data files, which themselves are downloaded
10 from the Unicode web site.
12 CleanTxt A Perl script that cleans up the output of "nroff -man" by
13 removing backspaces and other redundant text so as to produce
14 a readable .txt file.
16 Detrail A Perl script that removes trailing spaces from files.
18 Index.html A file that is copied as index.html into the doc/html
19 directory. It works like this so that doc/html can be deleted
20 and re-created from scratch.
22 MakeRelease My script for creating a new release. It processes the
23 documentation man pages into .text and HTML formats before
24 creating tarballs.
26 Tech.Notes Some notes about the internals of the PCRE code.
28 Unicode.tables The files in this directory, Scripts.txt and UnicodeData.txt,
29 were downloaded from the Unicode web site. They contain
30 information about Unicode characters and scripts.
32 ucptest.c A short C program for testing the Unicode property functions in
33 pcre_ucp_searchfuncs.c, mainly useful after rebuilding the
34 Unicode property table.
36 ucptestdata A directory containing two files, testinput1 and testoutput1,
37 to use in conjunction with the ucptest program.
39 utf8.c A short C program for converting a Unicode code point into a
40 sequence of bytes in the UTF-8 encoding, and vice versa.
42 When there is a new release of Unicode, the files in Unicode.tables must be
43 refreshed from the web site, and the Buildupctable script can then be run to
44 generate a new version of ucptable.h. The ucptest program can be used to check
45 that the resulting table works properly, using the data files in ucptestdata to
46 check a number of test characters.
48 ****

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