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revision 435 by ph10, Sat Sep 5 10:20:44 2009 UTC revision 439 by ph10, Tue Sep 8 17:27:24 2009 UTC
# Line 45  FSM). This is NOT Perl- compatible, but Line 45  FSM). This is NOT Perl- compatible, but
45  applications. */  applications. */
48    /* NOTE ABOUT PERFORMANCE: A user of this function sent some code that improved
49    the performance of his patterns greatly. I could not use it as it stood, as it
50    was not thread safe, and made assumptions about pattern sizes. Also, it caused
51    test 7 to loop, and test 9 to crash with a segfault.
53    The issue is the check for duplicate states, which is done by a simple linear
54    search up the state list. (Grep for "duplicate" below to find the code.) For
55    many patterns, there will never be many states active at one time, so a simple
56    linear search is fine. In patterns that have many active states, it might be a
57    bottleneck. The suggested code used an indexing scheme to remember which states
58    had previously been used for each character, and avoided the linear search when
59    it knew there was no chance of a duplicate. This was implemented when adding
60    states to the state lists.
62    I wrote some thread-safe, not-limited code to try something similar at the time
63    of checking for duplicates (instead of when adding states), using index vectors
64    on the stack. It did give a 13% improvement with one specially constructed
65    pattern for certain subject strings, but on other strings and on many of the
66    simpler patterns in the test suite it did worse. The major problem, I think,
67    was the extra time to initialize the index. This had to be done for each call
68    of internal_dfa_exec(). (The supplied patch used a static vector, initialized
69    only once - I suspect this was the cause of the problems with the tests.)
71    Overall, I concluded that the gains in some cases did not outweigh the losses
72    in others, so I abandoned this code. */
76  #ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H  #ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H
77  #include "config.h"  #include "config.h"
78  #endif  #endif
# Line 550  for (;;) Line 578  for (;;)
578          }          }
579        }        }
581      /* Check for a duplicate state with the same count, and skip if found. */      /* Check for a duplicate state with the same count, and skip if found.
582        See the note at the head of this module about the possibility of improving
583        performance here. */
585      for (j = 0; j < i; j++)      for (j = 0; j < i; j++)
586        {        {

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