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sljitUtils.c  1322  6 years  zherczeg  Try madvise first before posix_madvise.
sljitNativeX86_common.c  1280  6 years  zherczeg  JIT compiler update.
sljitNativeX86_64.c  1215  6 years  zherczeg  Large JIT compiler update again.
sljitNativeX86_32.c  1250  6 years  zherczeg  JIT compiler now supports 32 bit Macs thanks to Lawrence Velazquez.
sljitNativeSPARC_common.c  1280  6 years  zherczeg  JIT compiler update.
sljitNativeSPARC_32.c  1195  6 years  zherczeg  Another huge JIT compiler update.
sljitNativePPC_common.c  1280  6 years  zherczeg  JIT compiler update.
sljitNativePPC_64.c  1195  6 years  zherczeg  Another huge JIT compiler update.
sljitNativePPC_32.c  1195  6 years  zherczeg  Another huge JIT compiler update.
sljitNativeMIPS_common.c  1280  6 years  zherczeg  JIT compiler update.
sljitNativeMIPS_32.c  1195  6 years  zherczeg  Another huge JIT compiler update.
sljitNativeARM_v5.c  1280  6 years  zherczeg  JIT compiler update.
sljitNativeARM_Thumb2.c  1280  6 years  zherczeg  JIT compiler update.
sljitLir.h  1325  6 years  ph10  Fix spelling mistakes in comments.
sljitLir.c  1280  6 years  zherczeg  JIT compiler update.
sljitExecAllocator.c  1338  6 years  zherczeg  Add pcre[16|32]_jit_free_unused_memory to forcibly free unused JIT executable me…
sljitConfigInternal.h  1340  6 years  zherczeg  Cache flush in JIT for android. Patch by Giuseppe D'Angelo.
sljitConfig.h  1149  6 years  zherczeg  Major JIT compiler update with experimental Sparc 32 support.

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