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revision 472 by ph10, Fri Dec 11 16:42:50 2009 UTC revision 488 by ph10, Mon Jan 11 15:29:42 2010 UTC
# Line 2332  Line 2332 
2332      baz      baz
2333      foobarbaz      foobarbaz
2335  /The case of aaaaaa is missed out below because I think Perl 5.005_02 gets/  /The cases of aaaa and aaaaaa are missed out below because Perl does things/
2336  /it wrong; it sets $1 to aaa rather than aa. Compare the following test,/  /differently. We know that odd, and maybe incorrect, things happen with/
2337  /where it does set $1 to aa when matching aaaaaa./  /recursive references in Perl, as far as 5.11.3 - see some stuff in test #2./
2339  /^(a\1?){4}$/  /^(a\1?){4}$/
2340      a      a
2341      aa      aa
2342      aaa      aaa
2343      aaaaa      aaaaa
2344      aaaaaaa      aaaaaaa
2345      aaaaaaaa      aaaaaaaa

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